Elestra Thundersword

  • @O-louth

    Lady Thundersword,

    I am curious what you think about the idea of a Tilverton independent from Cormyr in a similar vain to Ini-Herit’s claiming of the Point under Arabel.

    If I’ve not lost you yet, I’ll be brief.

    My intention is to bring the village closer to Akadi, to see to it the Elemental view of freedom is adopted early and allow people more opportunity to discover themselves and define their value in the context of the world rather than having it handed to them by the lottery of birth. Dangerous ideas in any nation, but sacred to Akadi and- I think- good for the variety of thought and free expression in any civilized context.

    With that said, we would take responsibility for protecting the Moonsea Ride, offer a mutual defense agreement, and transportation of would-be settlers at our expense to and from the village. We will also offer incentives to those settlers (free food, water and shelter until their farm offers yield, the land itself if they get yield out of it and more.) and to Arabel, we would offer the product of those farms’ first yields at a greatly reduced cost.

    Tilverton is a minuscule village working to establish itself, however considering that Akadi Herself blesses the place, and Her faithful have been working tirelessly to return it to viability, we wish only to further our work and offer people a different perspective. We have no interest in hurting others or causing chaos for its own sake.

    There is a lot that can be offered for mutual benefit here, but I’ll understand if you think ill of the idea and won’t be upset about it. None the less, I’m reasonably sure I can drum up some support and help you with messaging if this is something that you’d find agreeable.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral and Champion of Akadi

  • Mistral,
    I cannot or will not ever make Cormyr less than what it is. However! There is middle ground we could pursue. And nevertheless, I will hear you out. As far as I am concerned, those lands belong to you and to your church, and I will strive to grant you as much freedom as I can, without being executed for treason by the crown.

    Besides, I am rather certain Lord Rowanmantle would be willing to barter.

    Elestra Thundersword