A vote for Bhallir is a vote for a safer Arabel

  • Crimson Guard

    Lord Bhaliir is a man who has achieved numerous victories over threats to Arabel.

    His sponsorship allowed the creation of a device which greviously wounded the dreaded Albino Lycan allowing it to be killed.

    His House rooted out the cult of the White Worm which were trying to enthrall Arabel and he personally led the charge to destroy the beast.

    The Houses caravans have delivered vital supplies to the Crown Soldiers fighting at the front lines of the Dark War.

    A vote for Bhaliir is a vote for a man who has a proven record of Leadership and defense of the city and a man who will lead Arabel to a safe and prosperous future

  • Crimson Guard

    A vote for Bhaliir is a vote for security.

    Whilst other candidates try and buy the votes of people by offering them gifts or contracts or places on the council to the under qualified Lord Bhaliir and his men hunt down the dangerous monsters that threaten the region.

    Thralls of the Beholders hunting the Spark of Divinity fall before them ensuring the Beholders do not obtain the Spark and thrust the region into chaos.

    A vote for Bhaliir is a vote for a man with the people in his heart

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