Chancellor Election Poster Offers!

  • So Gloomy was asking on Discord for a photoshop wizard for election posters. I'm making an offer to any of the players involved in the election as a candidate for this.

    alt text

    Above is a sample based on Myron O'Connor's post. It's a WIP and not final, but what I do is I take the text, put it in Word 2016 and apply varying fonts and effects to it. Or alternatively, a font+effect etc combo of what the player wants. Then make a screenshot of it and give that.

    I need the practice and people need the posters, win-win. If interested, just contact me over Discord.

  • Hey, I'd be interested in a scroll style banner that just says 'Vote Fen' on the top line and 'it's going to be great' underneath in a larger font.

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