Four reasons why you should vote for Myron (You won't believe #4!)

  • The ink on these is still fresh as Jack is putting these up around Old Town and Downtown, keeping an eye out for Militia.

    Dear Citizens!

    Elections are in their hot voting phase and we all have to make serious decisions that may well impact the future of Arabel and have grave repercussions. So I, Dr. Archibald Lensberg, instructor of classical arts and sciences, have decided to weigh in on this fated election.

    It is not without deliberate arbitration that I have come to my scientifimagic conclusions that I shall hence outline:

    1. Mr. O'Connor offers the most sensible and realistic policy choices. There's not even a contest. The current problematic spending needs a desperate overhaul. A brief short-term injunction into the brothel-system will not only employ dozens of homeless men and women (mainly women) but also pacify the town better than any high-minded notions of 'crusades' ever could.

    2. The suggestion to erect a massive, rock-hard statue fitting of Mr. O'Connor's magnificence is tremendous - the signal this will send to criminals and monsters alike is an economic way to reduce crime and war. And peace is good.

    3. Scientific studies show that pink is known to lower aggression. Another brilliant move to combat crime or merely a fashion statement? This is no coincidence but a stroke of genius!

    4. In truth, Arabel is in reasonable shape. But with the threat of war and the looming danger of the Shadovar, it is important to stand united as a people against the threats to the city. Rallying behind a single banner is the best thing that can happen to us. And why should this banner not be fashionably pink?

    So I ask you, good citizens:
    Myron O'Connor for chancellor -- WHY NOT?!

    -Dr. Feargus Fancystone, Waterdeep

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