A letter: Elodie Ledoux

  • Retainer Ledoux,

    There is great concern among the nobility of the North regarding the methods you are using to select your confidants for your council should you be elected as Chancellor. This concern has been brought to me, and as such I have decided that transparency is the key to everything.

    As you may have seen, today I saw the list of candidates revealed to the people for the positions I shall expect to fill in my court. I expect you to follow by my example and reveal your list of candidates for each of the positions in your council as Chancellor, as well as the decisive factors that lead to deciding they'd be best for each position.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • My Lord,

    I'm afraid that I'm several days ahead of you and you'll find in my initial posting that positions on my Council will be applied for by the public.
    I've not bartered any of the positions away and am giving equal opportunity to all law-abiding citizens of Arabel.

    I of course have high consideration for some positions, but I won't guarantee anyone a spot without giving the People a chance to submit their ambitions to me first.
    Christoph has the initiative to lead, so I have been considering him for the position of Warden of the Militia or Minister of Defence.
    Ibrahim and Esolen have both successfully raised a mercenary company off of the ground with little to no assistance, so I considered them for the position of Minister of Commerce, but neither are interested in these heights of politics.

    In any case, I have nothing to reveal to the public. I was already providing a transparent platform to them.

    Warm thoughts,

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~