Letter to the estates of Wyvernspur, Culspiir, Kraliqh and Tammarast

  • Salutations,

    I am Barabus Fen, a native of the fine city of Arabel, and hopefully by the tendays end, a candidate for the position of chancellor.

    My main concerns are the security of the city through the militia, the generation of wealth, and the preservation of the rights of nobility.

    Rather than telling people what they want from a candidate, I would rather ask them. While I have many fine ideas that would decrease our reliance on imports, and increase our exports, I would humbly request a meeting either with yourself or if deemed more appropriate, a servant of your house, to discuss matters of economy and security. I hope you see this as an opportunity to ensure your noble privileges remain, rather than judicial positions, and the city's wealth, being divided amongst the poor.


    Barabus Fen

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