Letter: City Militia, Sergeants

  • Sergeants,

    After 16 missions into Old Town, not counting when Lord Bhaliir, sergeant Snyden and myself took down Vorigan and Yuri, the most prominent dealers of the stones, we have put to the sword countless smugglers, dealers and gang members.

    Due to my work against the criminal elements of Old Town, I have managed to secure nearly 4 boxes filled with bloodstones and infernal stones (some 140 pieces) . I regret is that I did not manage to obtain the ones from Vorigan before he was executed, or Yuri who we left bleeding to death on the cobblestones of Old Town.

    I also regret that former warden Gorstag Evenwood still eludes my searches, yet I have contracted the Golden Company to track him down, and I shall find him.

    I will be speaking with Lady Kanthea in the next few days, as a plan for releasing and thereby destroying the stones is on the table. I therefore ask that you either keep on hand, or pass me the stones once our plan is finalized. I shall ensure you are kept in the loop as the plan develops, and will of course welcome any amongst you who wish to participate once we initiate the plan.

    In the mean time, your fat private needs a lecturing, for his disrespectful letters towards my person. If he will not show you his letters himself, i can forward them to you. I would rather not handle such matters in public, but trust you can police your own. I created a training schedule for the obese retainer in Lord Bhaliirs employ, if the obese private needs a similar, I shall be happy to provide.

    Elestra Thundersword

  • The letter is passed to Private Lengram to deal with


  • [Having been hard at work (asleep) at his desk, Private Lengram leaps at the chance to appear exceptionally busy as he scrawls a lengthy response, occasionally becoming very still for long peroids as he falls asleep diligently attempts to find the right words.]

    Lady Thundersword,

    Let me just start by stating that your actions in the service of this Kingdom paint you as the very picture of the noble spirit. Yet it is with a regret so strong that is has shaken me to my core and left me bereft of appetite that I must inform you of a grave error on the part of your house.

    I have no doubt this is the result of some manner of incompetent hireling muddling information. The very thought that one such as yourself could commit such a grievance is ludicrous in mine eyes. Yet I shall endure the agony and commit the following words to parchment with the utmost respect and a heavy heart.

    According to the most astute and excellent Lieutenant Tallstag you were never given permission to handle any number of bloodstones, be it under the supervision of a sergeant or otherwise. Under no circumstances should you or your affiliates be collecting bloodstones for any purpose beyond the immediate disposal there of in the appropriate locations provided for by the city.

    Your letter implicates you in one hundred and forty cases of serious crimes. According to Sergeant Snyders this would incur a fine in the amount of 140,000 golden crowns. I am certain that you will be able to come to some manner of agreement regarding how this sum will be paid with our superiors.

    I must emphasise however that this comes from the word of a Lieutenant and should you wish to protest this indictment you would need to go to someone of a higher rank such as the current acting Warden.

    As this appears to be some manner of tragic misunderstanding I hold every hope in my heart that it will be resolved without causing you or your sterling reputation harm.

    With undying respect,

    Private Lengram

  • Private Lengram,
    This letter should be sufficient evidence that I have sought the permission of the Militia, and unless I misunderstand something. If it is not enough, I will handle the matter with the warden directly. I shall however ensure the stones are placed in the care of a Militia Private as soon as possible.

    Elestra Thundersword

    @shonmann said in Letter: Arabel Militia - Bloodstones and users:

    Lady Thundersword,

    You can show this letter authorizing you to temporarily hold these bloodstones till you get a private to hand it over.

    I will hasten to meet with you.

    Sergent Snyden

    //Sorry RL is busy, will try to login today and try to meet with you

  • This is very strange Lady Thundersword. According to our files, there is no mention of such a permission and an officer of higher rank than Sergeant Snyden or myself made a special mention of no such permit having ever been issued by Sgt. Snyden. It appears the good sergeant made a grave error in the paperwork concerning this matter.

    We must apologize for this and see if we can find a peaceful resolution in this matter. Would you like to file a complaint over Sergeant Snyden's lack of protocol. I was unable to find any mention of such permission in our files -and- the lack of such a thing existing has been confirmed by a lieutenant.

    Together we must try to find a middle in this mess sgt. Snyden has created for us both.

    -Sgt. Lengram

  • Sergeant,
    Snyden I am certain, merely forgot to file it. I have more than enough faith in the institution of the Militia, which I respect so dearly, that you are far better able to decide what the fallout shall be. While I still dream of becoming warden one day, until such a day comes, I shall remain truthful to my conviction that disciplining and troublesome matters are best handled internally.

    I imagine you still wish the bloodstones turned in at the earliest opportunity, correct? If so, I shall relieve my tired back of the weight next I see one of your dashing uniforms on active duty.

    I shall however proceed with seeking Archmage Kanthea, and hope the Militia, as I, wish to find a more permanent solution to the destruction of these stones, and will support such a desire.

    Elestra Thundersword

  • Lady Thundersword,

    I went through the correspondence and it deeply regrets to state this correspondence has stooped to such level when dealing with a noble of your stature considering that the newly adorned Militia personnel cannot recall the number of campaigns you have led to destroy the gangs and confiscated the bloodstones to be handed over to Militia.

    When you expressed your concern that you may be charged for this temporary possession which I am certainly considering the service you have done to Arabel, I authorized temporarily to hold the bloodstone until you find the next private to hand it over. My written instruction is quite clear in this manner

    While the newly appointed Sergent in all his vigor is painfully taking effort to point of fallacy in my work, I can only commend on his effort and hope its for all the right reason.

    Please direct your future correspondence to me directly and your authorization still holds until you meet the next available private to hand this possession.

    Sergent Snyden