Table Top RPG being developed by old CoA DM

  • Hey Gang,

    Some of you know that the ol' DM FreshDuke and I are real life pals. What you may not know is that Duke actually has a few written RPG credits under his belt. He did some work for White wolf back in the day. Over the past years he has been working on his own RPG from the ground up and is now moving in to the public stage of development.

    If you are interested to see what he has been doing, drop on by, take a look at the rules, give them a shot, offer some feedback.

    Fun fact: Lots of the art has been supplied by Jamie McNulty, an artist that worked on Bioshock among other games.

    So - if any of ya have fond memories of Dukeie and want to give him a boost in this endeavor, come on over.

  • Awesome.

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