Local inns around Arabel and outside of it: Faeylinn

  • Faeylinn,

    I'm sure you've seen the posters, but if you haven't, Arabel's militia has a thousand coin bounty on you. I'm going to start with the benefit of the doubt because I know how utterly fucking incompetent these people are, if you need a place to crash you're welcome to come to Tilverton so we can have a chat about this.

    I'd suggest sending a politely worded letter to Judge Johan about whatever silly crap gave them the idea you were an infernalist. He's the only arbiter I'd ever trust in this city to do what's as right as can be done by mortal hands. Unless its true, and you are an infernalist, in which case, don't do that and please stay the hell off my land.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral (high priestess) of Akadi