Letter: Arabels Militia

  • Sergeant Snyden, or members of the city militia,

    I expect criminal charges of slander made against Elodie Ledoux, for slander of a noble. I do not care if Lord Bhaliir pays for her fines, but a commoner who slanders the name of respected nobles, should not be allowed to run for the office of Chancellor.

    I expect to see her denied taking part of the election.

    Elestra Thundersword

    @fearmoho12 said in Vote Elodie Ledoux for Chancellor!:

    Citizens of Arabel,

    My opponent, Lady Thundersword, seeks to wield lies against my campaign by denouncing me for corruption that does not exist!
    Never in my life have I spoken to the Lady, not even as I travelled with her and Lord Bhaliir to PROTECT and HEAL them, yet because she is unable to compete with my diligence in approaching the People of Arabel to learn how best I could serve them in a position of leadership she ATTACKS me with lies.
    Lady Thundersword does not know me.

    Is that really the Chancellor that you would want to vote for? A reckless, irresponsible brat who's instinct dictates she begin flinging her own faeces at an unknown opponent!?
    A leader that cares about their people would seek to SHIELD their subjects from danger with civil words.
    A leader that cares about their people would not DECEIVE you and would not place her charge in the path of danger she provoked!

    Follow not Lady Thundersword's lack of wisdom and abundant aggression and cast your vote for a stable, caring and free Arabel.
    Vote for Elodie Ledoux and help me make Arabel purr again!

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~

  • Lieutentant Tallstag laughs, and pins this up on a dart board with a crudely drawn, but provocative, sketch of Elestra and her sword.

    "Hey guys", he announces, "seems the big bad tough noble lady had her feelings hurt by someone and can't take care of her own problem, so us common grunts are suppose to. If one of you isn't dealing with real crimes, maybe you're up for a game of darts?"

  • Lady Thundersword,

    Please indicate the specific parts that are slander. Slander must be something that is manifestly untrue and not just an insult, jest, or opinion (Ex: "That noble is mean" is not slander if they have had negative experiences with you, but "That noble is secretly a beholder" is slander if not said in jest). Please note that I am not saying it is not slander as it certainly seems unlike you to the best of my knowledge, but specifics are required for proper legal proceeding.

    -- Private Ysolt Argenta

  • Private Ysolt,

    She called me A reckless, irresponsible brat who's instinct dictates she begin flinging her own faeces. I would consider that slander. I have issued the following duel, as is my noble right. I ask your confirmation that should she be sentenced for slander, she will have broken the law, and will thus be unable to participate in the election?

    She has since written the following on her bulletin, not stating the untruth of her previous words, but in fact confirming them.
    I have removed my retributive postings that outline the flaws of my opponent, Lady Thundersword, because I believe that Arabel's people have the wits about them to learn of each candidate themselves.

    Elestra Thundersword

    Elodie Deloux is hereby challenged to a duel of Honor!

    Elodie wrote:
    A reckless, irresponsible brat who's instinct dictates she begin flinging her own faeces

    Elodie Deloux, retainer of Lord Bhaliir, will accept a duel of Honor, due to her slandering statements made against my person.

    • If she loses the duel, she shall renounce her candidacy.
    • Failure to Accept, will show her lack of character, will brand her a criminal, and shall make her ufit to participate in the election.
    • Should she win, -I- shall resign my candidacy, showing myself unable to protect Arabel from danger.

    To prove my benevolence, she may choose the weapons we shall be using. I however insist that she shall fight with Cormyrian honor, for the honor of meeting a noble in single combat.

    -Elestra Thundersword

  • Lady Thundersword,

    With all due respect, but if you can't find the means to rise above petty insults during a political campaign how are you suppose to lead or earn the respect of the people that is required to win?
    You seem to feel entitled to a lot of things, being of Noble birth that is of course a correct assumption.
    But one thing you are not entitled to is the voice of the common man.
    If the best idea you can come up with is; Arrest all my competitors.
    Then perhaps you should consider resigning from the race all together.

    • Pvt. Brisbois

  • Private Brisbois,

    If I ask you for your personal thoughts on my candidacy, I will give it to you. Have I misunderstood something, that being that Lord Hawklin has empowered you to liaison and tutelage your betters? Or shall I bring to the attention of Lord Hawklin on his personal council, the actions and lack of respect towards Cormyrs nobility, shown by his militia staff?

    If memory serves, you are the obese man I saw being recruited by the Militia not a day ago. Perhaps you should spent less time eating pies while penning letters to the nobility of Cormyr, and more time on your morning drills?

    Lady Elestra Thundersword

  • Lady Thundersword,

    You mistake not being under your command for lack of respect.
    I did not sign up with the militia to fill the void of your absent wet-nurse, nor did anyone else in the militia I am sure.
    If someone wasn't arrested for running their political campaign you may safely assume no illegal act has been made.

    -Pvt. Brisbois

  • My apologies lady Thundersword, the damned warthog hs no idea how to speak to a noble. I shall have him beaten again tonight!

    Truth remains though that Retainer Deloux is a retainer in Lord Bhaliir's employ and we common folk, even militia, don't get involved in the squabbles of our betters.

    -Sgt. Lengram

  • Sergeant,
    Thank you for your swift reply. I will handle the matter myself, as the challenge has been issued.

    Elestra Thundersword

  • Lieutenant Tallstag adds these correspondences to his dart bard and buys Private Brisbois a beer after hours.