The City Militia - The Slander, and what you will do about it

  • To whom it may concern,

    Let it be known that today, I've consulted a number of the candidates including my own retainer Ledoux and mister Fen regarding this. It has come to my attention that during the very start of this election, a number individuals have taken it as their privilege to vandalize the posters made by the candidates, to spread utter nonsense and rile the common folk with blatant slander. Furthermore, some hostility has risen even among the candidates themselves that has lead to absolute garbage being spew to simply tarnish the reputation of their rival with no proof to support their claims.

    Both mister Fen and Ledoux have had their part in this nonsense, and as such I've educated them how poorly this behavior reflects on their own image. I did my best to further consult my love Elestra Thundersword, but she remains riled by the recent shortcomings of my retainer in her public behavior, which I've only now had the time to address.

    Please be aware and make my concerns known to all of Arabel. The people who devolve into animals to howl at the moon claiming it's cheese are making an absolute mockery out of themselves, and should they go so low as to aim their slander toward a noble or even a member of a noble household, with blatant lack of proof, then it its to be TREATED AS A CRIME, and they should in fact be DENIED their right to candidacy for their lack of SIMPLE MANNERS. So far, three candidates of the five are protected by this law, and all of them have been under assault of UNIMAGINABLE ABUSE of words. It is OUTRAGEOUS I am forced to pen this letter, but it is CLEAR you are not doing anything without my explicit reminder to do so.

    Thus, in the end- I expect each candidate and citizen to behave with utmost respect during this time of election. I understand most men are far too uneducated to understand the simple rule of law, and it is your job to enforce the peace as officials of the city watch. Furthermore, -if- the hooligans who continue to vandalize these posters are -not- caught and taught a lesson, then it WILL reflect poorly on you, and the future Chancellor will no doubt show this displeasure to you in a manner that none of you will be happy for.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • I will keep my men on specific lookouts for slander and humbly request that your retainers bring any such suspicions to the militia. We will not stand for slander of the good nobles of Arabel.

    -Sgt. Lengram