Letter to the militia, for the attention of a lieutenant

  • Lieutenant,

    Thank you for your service. I spoke to some of your fine men yesterday about their concerns regarding the upcoming election, with some of the candidates proposing confusing the lawbooks with talk of compassion, or introducing compulsory counting lessons which will be required when administering their new fines.

    As an Arabelian these proposals alarm me, I wish to give the fine lawmen of the city the ability to do their job. I would allow the searching of individuals for contraband to be conducted without the need for the militia to justify it to some upstart would be bloodstone smuggler. This would mean that searches could take place without the militiamen fearing repercussions from some adventurers rich and powerful friends.

    The sergeant and private I spoke to, suggested I send you this missive, in the hope that contribution funds can be released to fund my election campaign.

    There are other ideas that I could explore that would aid our militia in continuing to perform their sworn duty, and I would invite you, or your colleagues to consult on any proposals you feel are necessary.


    Barabus Fen