A letter to the Militia

  • To whom it may concern,

    I will suggest Vorigans goods are sold, save for his most personal possessions- which I will assume were burned with the body- in an auction. See what gold you had on him donated to a good cause. I' will permit to use the Huxley Foundation, should you desire to fuel any charity by doing so.

    Furthermore, it was a welcome sight to finally see new prominent members in the city militia. Perhaps this will bode for a new, brighter era for the "Arabels finest". I especially would like to commend the Sergeant whose name I can't remember- who appeared ever eager to see his men disciplined. It was very pleasing to hear. Perhaps, his actions will speak even louder in the future.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • [Whilst nosing through the various communique passing through the watch house, Private Lengram spirits away this letter and promptly begins to scribe a reply.]

    Esteemed Lord Bhaliir,

    What an absolute delight it is to hear such words of praise for whom could only be Sergeant Lengram. My most dutiful and splendid superior who also happens to be my elder brother. Strive though I might I am but a flicker to the radiant sun that is his talent. For one so lofty that were they to extend their hand they could caress the bosom of Selune herself would notice of my brothers excellence leaves me overflowing with joy.

    Rest assured the matter of what little remains of Vorigan's belongings will be handled promptly and with all the diligence you have no doubt come to expect from the paragons of duty that make up our fine militia.

    Private Olivier Lengram

    [After spending the better part of six hours using the writing of this letter as a prop to appear incredibly busy at his desk, Olivier finally has it delivered to the Bhaliir estate. The letter reeks of rosewater as though having been completely submerged in the substance.]

  • [A prompt response]

    Private Lengram,

    I find it very insulting your elder brother chose not to address me himself, but instead sent a snotnose private with NO NAME TO HIMSELF to deliver this message. Whether or not he is your brother makes no difference to me. Is he above responding to landed Lords himself? This behavour reflects very poorly on him.

    Then what, pray tell, has happened to MOST OF VORIGANS BELONGINGS? As it stands, my expectations on the performance of your force have been brought very low by corrupt privates who first steal from the people, then try to assassinate myself and the Warden of the North- privates who fail to treat me with respect I am due and spit on my face, lacking any capability to cooperate and work together- and privates who lack the simplest of brain capacity to STAY OUT OF OLD TOWN. That is why it was indeed a very welcome change of breeze to see a man like brother FINALLY promise me a change in the wind. This response, DOES NOT breed further confidence.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • @lord-bhaliir

    Lord Bhalir,

    His belongings are confiscated and accounted. The plan is to auction them to add to the Militia funding on issuing warrants and other administrative work.

    Also, for the rest of your annoyance, you can take it up with Lord Hawklin directly but commoners like me cannot ever satisfy these demands and if you wish to threaten me by removing me from Militia, the day you take command, I will remove myself from the office.

    Sergent Snyden

  • Sergeant Snyden,

    At last, a proper response from a reasonable voice. Not only did you provide me with the right answers, but you were polite and formal while doing so.

    My house will assist with auctioning the goods, as we once again played a vital part in capturing yet another worthless scumbag, and allowed you the glory of the arrest. I personally see no reason why not to fund the city militia with the goods that are sold- and I am even willing to match the funds that are raised with gold from my own coffers.

    Were I to take this up with Lord Hawklin, my goodman- he'd take offense as he seems to have trusted blindly that Arabels Finest are perfect at their job already- but we both know that is not the case, don't we? If I can help you and your men become a proper force to be reckoned with I will- but first you need to ensure this utterly offensive way I've been treated by your men stops today. We need to find common ground, and I am willing to ignore your low rank at this time, as I have slowly come to respect you through other means.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • @lord-bhaliir

    Lord Bhalir,
    Stringent action will be take on any who disrespects Nobles and foremost a champion of your stature.

    Sgt Snyden

  • @lord-bhaliir

    Lord Bhalir,

    Here is the documented list of items that was taken from Vorrigan

    Gold 29000
    Faithfulls Cloak
    Orcish Dire Mace
    Fire and Ice Dire Mace
    Belt of Ogre Strength
    Netherese Alloyed Steel Helmet
    Schimatar +1
    Ooze Tendril Whip
    Scale of the servant of Purple Dragon
    Bag full of Bloodstone and few bleakstones
    //Other items stored in the chest have vanished due to bug, so if a DM can help get it, it would be great

  • Admin [DM]

    //If it was due to a chest bug- probably not able to help.