The Lich King

  • [After searching through the library without any success, a Royal Scout turns to a librarian and asks him or her if there is any information available on the Lich King currently residing in the Haunted Halls.]

    //search gave me nothing on the lich king and little on the haunted halls. Either we have nothing on the subjects or the search engine hates me >_>//

  • [The Purple Dragon Pathfinder returns to the libraryto continue searching for anything relevant to the Lich King. This time, however, he has the luch's name, Kangaxx, and his lover, Arsinoe. Also, he informs the librarians that the Lich is apparently the author of the Ritual of Endless Nights, if that can serve as a clue at all. He inquires about phylactery and what they are as well, explaining he is hoping to find the Lich King's to destroy it. Should the librarians not be able to aid him, he thanks them for their efforts and leaves them to their work.]

  • The librarians inform him that he knows as much as anyone does about the mysterious lich king; but they suggest it can not be that old if it dwells in the Haunted Halls which were built by Rivior the Bandit King just a few centuries ago, clearly the lich moved in after the Bandit King was slain by a Cormyrian Queen-so the phylactory must not be far from the Halls, if not within them as liches rarely stray far from the phylactery which is known to house their souls.

  • [The Pathfinder thanks the librarian for the information and better understanding on the item in question. He copies some old maps and set out into the field.]

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