The Rallyhorn College of Trades welcomes knowledge and seekers!

  • Akadi’s vision for Tilverton sees education and skilled trade as the cornerstone of true, lasting freedom. An informed, educated and philosophically literate population is key to successful growth of the spirit and body, and the Church will settle for no less than the best that people can be.

    We provide this to Tilverton and the world at large of our own volition and offer our sincerest prayers and thanks to the Wonderbringer, Gond, and His messenger Christoph Amraphen for inspiring this grand project.

    But a college is nothing without materials!

    Thus, the Church of Akadi is paying a bounty on:

    • Existing books (~25 coins each)
    • Newly written songs and poems (Up to 1,000 per title. Exceptions can be made for large/profound works).
    • Newly written plays (Up to 2,000 coin per title)
    • Newly written books (Up to 3,000 coin per title)
    • Samples of alchemical plants (~25 coin per new species. Prices will be negotiated for rarer ones)
    • New smithing tools (negotiable) ((PC made hammers and the like))
      Spell scrolls (negotiable)
    • Tradecraft recipes for trap making, smithing and woodworking (negotiable)

    A substantial bounty will be paid for anyone who can figure out how to duct lava from the volcano into our workshop without burning the college down.

    The Church is also looking to fund research projects and expeditions to places of lore and knowledge in exchange for copies of your work; we will not seek profit from them but to share them when the library portion of the college is complete. This is not a loan, but a financial grant in exchange for access to your research.

    When it is completed, the college will host workshops for smithing and machining, laboratories for wizards, libraries for anyone and a theatrical area for bards to practice and hone their craft. The college, much like the Rallyhorn name, will stand for the freedom offered through protection and selflessness.

    It will be a place born of Tilverton for Tilverton.

    Join us in reclaiming the village, make a name for yourself and bring freedom to yourself and others under Akadi’s open skies!

    Church of Akadi

  • [New notices are put up]

    The village of Tilverton offers a SPECIAL BOUNTY of 1000 coin for:

    Golem Arms
    Golem Heads
    Golem Legs
    Golem Hearts

    Simply seek out Mistral Ophirae Miavyre to claim the bounty.

  • [These posters are refreshed]