Lord Foril Bhaliir


    I will Reform Arabels Court and unite the Banners

    To ensure all the concerns of my people are heard, I will reopen the once abandoned court of Arabel, where any man or woman, high or low-born, will have a voice of their own to make their concerns known. In this court- I will welcome everyone an equal opportunity to rise to prominence, be he a beggar or the son of a lord- for each citizen must be able to change the course of history.

    The Strongest Factions of the Northern regions are divided by disputes of religion, land and reason, and as we are blinded by this constant bicker, so are our hands tied to deal with matters of greater importance. I will unite the Banners of the North to fight for a common cause. I will grant autonomy to the fiefs of the Northern region, and ensure every village that has more than 50 villagers will be provided protection from weekly patrols organized by our army. I will prove my worth to all of the Northern Region- as I have proven my worth to the people of Old Town- and Arabel.

    I will Constitute An Order of Crusaders and Crush our foes.

    When the forces of the Crown have been sent to fight the endless hordes of the Shadovar, the Realm has been left exposed to threats inland. The criminal elements of our society- these Cults and outlaws- continue to exploit our vulnerable state. I will form a new order of Knights- THE STORM DRAGONS - to act as the fist of our society to destroy and demolish our enemies- and END this outrageous era of uncertainty!

    I will repurpose the Penal Legion as a path to true redemption

    In a time of cruel fates, even the most righteous of men can fall on the wrong side of the law. And at such times, it is by right these men are given a chance for redemption. Each criminal will be given an opportunity to serve their sentence through the former ranks of the Penal Legion- who shall no longer be known by such a humiliating title- but as proud Crusaders of Cormyr.

    Under my supervision, criminals sentenced to become a Crusader will be given a new purpose in life- that of redemption through acts of valor and bravery on the field against our enemies. Their former skills will be put to a good use. A necromancer turned crusader will fight back the hordes of undead in the isle of Clar Banda- a bandit will rob the enemies of our nation blind from all their riches. A bloodthirsty Malarite will hunt to provide food for our people.

    I will return Prosperity and Commerce back to the Northern Region and its people.

    I will continue to establish new trade routes across our borders to distant lands, and return the Jewel of the North to its proud state as the shining beacon of commerce and prosperity. I will bargain with the Queen of Thunderholme to ensure a constant flow from their master forges, and the sweetest of wine and water from the elves of the forests. I will commence the reconstruction of new roads, and encourage new settlers to places like Tilverton to see prosperity of humanity return to reclaim land that has been lost during times of trouble.

    I will invest our gold in new research and unlock secrets untold, and nurture the preservation of our lore

    I will see the secrets of the creation of Warforged shared with the most trusted members of my council, so that the blessing of this research can once again be used to preserve life and give it purpose during this era of Silence among gods. I will further fund new research in to the use of material such as Mythalite. I will ensure these creations will be used to the benefit of not only Cormyr but its allies, so that together we can build a strong future- for everyone.

    Yet we should not be forgetful of our past either. I will see that our people are educated on the history of our nation- both the lowest and highest points of our society. I will let our offspring know what has been done and why, for we must be open so they will not repeat mistakes made.

    Vote for Bhaliir is a vote for a Prosperous and Secure Future. We will prosper.

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  • Admin [DM]

    Many see Lord Bhaliir as a powerful candidate for Chancellor, with many of the downtrodden and poor in Old Town openly praising his name for warm blankets and food. Many conservative members of Society, aghast at a 'democratic' election taking place in Cormyr, throw their support behind a tried and true noble, despite their misgivings behind the tainted name of Bhaliir.

    However, the pushback is strongest from the Militia who desire to maintain the status quo as the sole military force in the city and the respect and responsibilities that come with it. Many pointedly accuse Bhaliir of building his personal army in the North to do his bidding and won't be answerable to the any force unless they possess a greater army. Further, worse tells of a strange curse that follows the Lord...

    Support: Ardent and strong support among the commoners, lukewarm and reluctant support among nobility. Strong opposition comes from career Militia and Purple Dragons based in Eveningstar.

  • The Court formed by Lord Bhaliir

    In an act of transparency with my beloved people of the North, today I shall reveal the list of the great men and women who shall act in my court as chief advisors to handle the daily matters of our proud nation. Each member of my court shall be handpicked by myself personally, influenced by their past deeds and glory for our King and Country.

    Master and Commander of the Storm Dragons

    This man or woman is the right hand of Lord Foril Bhaliir. In his absence, he or she acts as his will. He or she is the Storm Commander, the commander of his lordships deadliest men. He or she shall be granted lordship by the powers of the Warden of the North, and he or she leads the forces of the North at the vanguard- atop their mighty steed. They're proven to be an adept council to Lord Bhaliir, and a great leader of men. They are indeed a true paragon of our times.

    To this position, I would nominate lady Elestra Thundersword. My beloved Elestra has time and time again proven to be an astonishing leader of immense capability and dedication to the cause of the downtrodden. Her crusades against the bloodstone network of this city have already seen the end of two notable smugglers Vorigan the Bastard of DeSchurr and Yuri Mharet the faithless. She fights for the well-being of all our people out of the pure kindness and goodness of her heart. She is as brave as she is fierce- but ever seeks the honorable way to right the wrongs. I see no better woman - nor man- to fill the boots of a Storm Dragon Commander!

    Master and Warden of the City Militia

    The City militia has ever been troubled by the incompetence of its members, and at times when true devotion and skill has been shown by these brave men- has it often been cast aside or smeared with ignorance and failure. The Arabels Finest must be reshaped by a man with a history of discipline and dedication. It must be a man who has been known by all for their fervent belief in the law of the land. With this position comes the responsibility of Arabels safety, and should the man or woman granted this position show signs of negligence, they will be swiftly replaced by another to continue uplift the name of our great Militia. The City Militia must return to a respectable stature, and it must be given the weapon it needs to keep our city safe. This will be a crucial task for the Warden of the City Militia.

    To this position, upon entering the office I shall nominate my own Senior Retainer Christoph Ampharen. His devotion to the safety of the people is without equal, and his belief in harsh consequences for ones actions compete with the stern opinions of my predecessor Lord Lheksar. Where often Lady Thundersword has acted as a voice of compassion, Christoph Ampharen is a perfect man to balance it out with cold hard truth.

    And where he remains an outspoken man, he is also a man of action. Through my house, his efforts allowed the release of the Warforged and he completed the prototype of a weapon that saw the death of the White Wolf- the bane of East Way. He has performed admirably in securing vital goods to the frontlines of our nations army. He aided in the capture of the king of gnomes and has devoted his time under my instructions to the reconstruction of Old Town. He successfully lead a raid to a shadovar mine where a beholder was killed alongside a phaerimm- Need I go on? This man a perfect example of a disciplined and dedicated man. I see no other candidate more accomplished and suited for the job at hand.

    Master of Whisperers and Relations

    The nations security does not solely depend on swords alone. Indeed, a paragon will be needed to foster the relationships between our great nation and its allies, and gather information on the movements of our enemies and the agendas of our people. This man or woman must be a proven skillful politician with means to find the truth and who is not afraid to do what is necessary to get things done. They must be ready to act both in darkness and in light, for they are the two sides of the coin.

    As chancellor, for this task I shall nominate the ever charismatic Elodie Ledoux. She has shown the courage of her heart to pursue her dreams ever since she started working as a humble accountant in the city of Marsember. Her devotion to hone her skills did not end there, and her passion lead to Arabel. Here, she started from nothing, but when I gave her an opportunity she never hesitated and never looked back.

    Quickly, she caught up on the rumors of an election being held even before it was announced, and she amassed the support of the people under her wing well prepared for the election before anyone else. If you asked her, she would tell you she has already won the election because of this. Thus- if anything, this election as proven my trusted and loyal retainer to be a an excellent example of a politician, who is not afraid to work in the darkness- nor in the light, to find the truth, and make use of it for the good of all.

    Master of Wealth, commerce and merchandise

    This position shall be only reserved to a man that has countless times proven their mastery in matters of wealth. Their pockets are so deep many men stand to wonder. Their lucrative business deals are flourishing, and these deals often find the city to flourish with them. He is the master of Wealth, and the key holder to the treasury of Arabel.

    This position shall be granted to the man most familiar and affluent in Arabel- Valiant Kraliqh. For too long has this man been denied his return to the status of nobility. His wealth is worthy of legends, even before he was given blind trust to look after the finances of the late lord Hardcastle. Were it not for the dreadful events that occurred upon my dear friend Rabdahr Wyrmlocke, he would without question be the perfect man. But my beloved friend has been consumed by the spirit of the disgraced creature that was once known as lord Manzahar, who remains in hiding as our peace officials remain unable to detain him- for now.

    Master of Magical pursuits and Research

    This position shall be given to a man most known for his tireless pursuit in matters of arcane. His endless search for knowledge, their thesis on a number of subjects and their interest to spread education will be an inspirational path to follow. They shall be head of all magical research in Arabel- and through them Arabel will flourish with an open mind for new knowledge shared.

    To that end, Etholycus Cabellan is among the few who have shown the diligence worthy of a master. He has proven to be a man of reason and intelligence, albeit his absent mind may at times lead him astray. He is still a capable magician and a dear friend, whose counsel I value. Should Mister Cabellan refuse this honor, which is more than likely- then the leader of the Mages Guild of Arabel shall be granted this seat in return, among whom stand Claeryss and Valdemar as strongest candidates.

    Lastly, court jester:

    A court would be nothing without a harmless prankster to entertain it. A jester that is known to be an utter joke by everyone, and who nobody takes seriously. A man in whom the trolls see their kindred spirit, is a perfect man for the job- as long as he keeps out of my sight.

    This task will be forced upon the infamous Myron O'Connor, whose pink armor has for too long left all our eyes bleeding, and whose utterings leave no shadow of a doubt on their ridiculous nature. Myron O'Connor shall be taught how to juggle, and he will be FORCED TO WEAR ANYTHING BUT PINK- or else he will be commanded to act as maid to the honorable Archmage Kanthea- for all his countless threats we have all seen during the start of this election.

    Furthermore, I would invite each of the allied nations of Cormyr to send their representatives to act as a voice of their race in my council. These ambassadors shall be granted the proper rights in accordance to the law, and the respect they deserve aswell as the listening ears of my court. We must work together, so that all will prosper!

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