Vote for Elestra for Chancellor!

  • Thundersword for Chancellor, and Arabel shall become the jewel of the North once more!
    I will not barter for votes, for those who purchase their way to power, do so at the expense of those who have nothing to offer. Instead, I will offer my vision for the future of Arabel, and state concrete promises, of how I intent to achieve it.

    I envision an Arabel, where you are safe, free from the fear of bullies, and where the Law Enforcement will keep you safe! Arabel shall never become the city of the strong and the oppressed, but a city of freedom!

    • I intent to keep the streets safe from Crime. I don't want to worry about a cutpurse or a bandit on the way to city fountain, and neither should you!
    • Heart and compassion in the law- if Person A and Person B did the same crime, but for different reasons, those reasons should be taken into account. The beggar who steals for bread, and the thief who steals to enrich himself, are two different crimes.
    • Every capital offense will be judged by a tribunal of your peers. One judge, and two members of the population shall sit to judge.
    • I will ensure the Militia remains uncorrupt, for you must trust your militia man if you are to feel safe!
      I will outlaw of items of obvious intent to desecrate (such as relics to animate the dead, summon spirits, and so on).
    • I will outlaw the practicing worship and churches of Bane, Shar, Cyric, The Prince of Thieves, Orc gods and Clar Banda. While ALL gods have their place, the clergy of these faiths CORRUPT the minds of the populace, and I wish to ward them against such!
    • I will offer the location used by the Church of Bane in Old Town, to whatever goodly faith that shall drive out the tyranny that hides within! I will offer a cathedral built upon the remnants of the Pit, to the clergy or clergies who once and for all destroy the undead on the Island of Clar Banda.
    • I will invite the adventuring population to take part far more in the cities defense, and honor those who do, with the trust and respect their deeds should reflect.
    • I will offer permanent contracts to the mercenaries who can keep our roads safe, and the merchants who can expand the trade.
    • I will see a defense pact with Thunderholme established.

    Finally, I will not rule alone. A council of 4 others (5 in total) shall be appointed to keep the chancellor in check. Each vote shall carry equal weight. To keep the council check, I shall offer a seat to whoever comes second in the election, to ensure transparency.


    I will promise listen, but I will never barter for a vote. If you have concerns that you believe I should make part of my campaign, seek me out, and I shall listen.
    Elestra Thundersword!

  • Admin [DM]

    Thundersword enjoys lukewarm support from nobles and Lhal's followers who miss the freedom-loving queen of old. The outlawing of prominent evil faiths has many faiths such as Tyr and Lathander openly declaring their support, with Judge Johan going so far as to advocate for her election privately amongst his peers in the legal system. The introduction of a system that can overrule the Chancellor in their own government intrigues a few- but many point out what is the point of a Chancellor whose own government can stymie what they wish to do?

    Among the god-fearing, however, her goals of outlawing evil faiths has this terrified and vocal in their opposition out of fear for their very lives.

    Support: Strong in the legal circles of Arabel, enjoying the open support of many popular goodly faiths (Save the Ilmateri, who endorse Bhaliir). The commoners of the city seem largely indifferent, viewing that the proposal here would change very little about their lives.


    To ensure transparency in the election, I pen this plan and place the names of my candidates for all to see, discuss and decide for themselves if the plan is worthy for the future of the North.
    The Militia Warden
    Sergeant Snyder shall be appointed Warden. To help him root out corruption, Benjamin of Shaundakul, alongside Judge Johan, shall be tasked as temporary overseers.
    The Arabellan Council
    Five members shall take their seat upon the council, and have an equal vote for all matters of importance, with a majority rule. However, it will require four votes should the council overturn a proposal from the Chancellor.

    • The Chancellor shall claim one seat.
    • The Militia Warden shall be given one seat.
    • The Counsellor of Finance shall be given to Temon Oaks. A prominent adventurer and an accomplished business man.
    • One seat shall be given to Barabus Fen, for he is a man of the people, and shall become The Voice of the People.
    • To represent the dwarven host, Freya Of the Host shall represent dwarven interests and the minority races in general upon the council.
    • One position shall be given to a member of the clergy of the church or faith that drives out the Banites of Old Town.

  • The Thundersword Vision of the future

    I envision a city that thrives once more. Arabel was once the jewel of the North, the caravan city, and it shall become so once more. I will hire mercenaries and adventurers, and with investments from the major merchant companies of Cormyr and beyond, ensure that trade by land starts flowing into Arabel once more. Any company that assists in this regard will be free from taxation for the first three years, provided they invest in Arabel once more.

    • I will charge the Mage Guild to create permanent portals to distant worlds and far-away lands, and invite them to build embassies in Arabel. Trade shall once more flow into Arabel.
    • I will rebuild the Northern Gates and walls around Old Town, for even the poor deserve the protection of Cormyr.
    • I will offer mercenary companies and nobles the right to build fortresses or watch towers along our trade routes, provided they protect the caravan trails from banditry.
    • I will fund adventurers to make use of the Guild Portals, and act as emissaries to these strange new lands, fostering good relations and establish trade deals.
    • I will force the faiths of evil back into the shadows, and return the light of goodly faiths and moral virtues to the streets of Arabel.
    • I will expand the farm lands from Arabel to Easthaven, and offer the lands to the individuals who can farm it. If you can tend the field, it is yours.
    • I will burn down the Redwoods to stop the corruption from spreading further, and offer the druid circles of Cormyr the land as their own, provided they nurture it back to health.
    • I will offer Lordship and the Helmlands to the person who spearheads and finds a cure for the sickness that spreads.
    • I will establish a defense pact with Thunderholme, for they helped us rebuild, and they deserve the gratitude of Arabel!

    But most importantly, I offer a chancellor who shall stand as Vanguard against any who might threaten the populace or endanger their freedom. You deserve someone who will fight for you, bleed for you, and not hide behind better men.

  • A large update to selection of participants for the Council has been made.

    The election comes to a close, and as the sun settles tonight, we must prepare for the dawn that is to come, whoever shall be named chancellor.
    The campaigns have been rough, sometimes even toxic. Yet I am of the firm belief, that whichever candidate is elected, he or she will do their outmost to see the vision of Arabel, that you chose for it, become a reality.
    So know this; I shall continue to fight for Arabel, despite who shall lead it into tomorrow. My sword is yours, and whatever dangers lurk, I shall take the vanguard to fight it.
    Should I lose, I will still open up my home to any good hearted adventurer who shares my vision for a good, honorable and safe Arabel, and I shall spent whatever gold I can lift from the dead monsters I slay, to sponsor you in your future adventuring career. Be you dwarf, human, elf or Halfling, House Thundersword has for 1200 years served Cormyr, and we shall continue to do so, for as long as I heart beats.

    As Lord Lhal, Anyndil the Bard, Azzam the arcanist, The Golden Guard, and all the heroes of Arabel who have fought for Arabel, House Thundersword shall do the same.

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