[Militia- Ysolt] A letter from Tempest.

  • A letter which was shoved in Tempest's face by the doctor and FINALLY signed is sent.
    This letter arrives the next day after the discussion between Ysolt and Etholycus within the Militia tower.

    Private Ysolt,

    It is with my consent that the doctor brought you the requested fine. I am truly sorry if this caused any problem, I do not give the same importance to flesh and skin as you do and see it as material, but I understand laws.

    I will do my best to respect the law, which is the foundation of civilization.

    A repenting citizen,

    -________ Signed below

  • After being shoved the letter in the face, the warforged commits to sign it, perhaps under threat of a ferocious unarmed beating or something even more humiliating...


  • Tempest,

    The good doctor's care for you is something to treasure. You do will well to heed his advice. I hope that his faith is you is not misplaced.

    -- Ysolt