Gospel of Arabel

  • Several vandals begin to write disapproving messages over Elodie's recent campaign posters

    "Don't vote for that whore Elodie! She stole my husband and she'll steal all of yours too!"

    "The only way a Sharessan can lead you is when she's leading you on! Let's screw her out of votes like she didn't get screwed by us!"

    "That girl's in bed with Bhaliir! We all know that guy's a Beholder!"

  • Vandals shift their attention to Lord Bhaliir's posters announcing himself a candidate in the election.

    "Paragon of Man? This guy's just another Archprelate! Boo! Down with Olga's man-bitch!"

    "Bhaliir's own retainer's trying to take this election from him! Bhaliir's can't even run his own house, so how can he run a city?!"

    "This guy's had so many fights with Manzahar and he's STILL alive! Why would anyone but a lover have so many harmless quarrels?!"

    "I hear Bhaliir only killed Ironfoot because there's not enough mice for the two of those monsters!"

    This guy's in bed with Elodie AND Thundersword! We all know they're skanks!"

  • Vandals pay a visit to some of Barabus Fen's posters next

    "Fen's just in it for the cash! I mean, he's literally BEGGING for it!"

    "Is this guy a joke? The only thing he's good at is rambling!"

    "The only people that pay fines are criminals! He's openly protecting criminals just because they can pad his purse! Let's tell this slimy cunt to fuck off back to Sembia!"

    "Slander! Slander against the good Lord Bhaliir! If Lord Bhaliir was cursed we'd all know about it!"

    "Fen's giving the boot to Illmater! For someone that says he's Arabellian he's blind to the problems of the poor! His eyes are only on the banks!"

    "Taxing the Church of Bane just means they'd demand more in tithes! Praise Bane! We'd rather have Bane on the Throne than Fen!"

    "Fen sits comfortably in the Fine Hells like a Lord of Cormyr and he's STILL asking us all for coin?! Does his GREED know no bounds?!"

    "This guy's in bed with no one! He can't even land that slut Elodie! What a loser!"

  • Vandals visit Elodie's most recent posters

    "Elodie's so desperate I've seen her trading her panties for votes! In the Spire of all places!"

    "She was in the Fine Hells for HOURS with a grubby old man! That's just begging for scandals!"

    "She's not wearing Bhaliir's colours no more. I guess she's not into tentacles after all!"

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