Letter: Christoph

  • Senior Retainer,

    I was there when I witnessed Lady Thundersword failing to fulfil her word to remove bloodstones from the streets after Yuri the Faithless defeated you with them.
    If she can't make true on her word to simply beat the bloodstones out of thugs, then she can't make true on any policies she announces in her campaign.

    You're a man with a considerable amount of respect amongst the people already and I'd gladly offer you a role on my Council should I achieve the mantle of Chancellor with your assistance.
    Your vote alone is enough to earn my gratitude, but publicly announcing your support of my campaign and petitioning our Lord to cast his vote in my favour would almost guarantee you your desired position.
    An application would obviously still be required, but merely a formality.

    Your friend and colleague,

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~

  • Storyteller [DM]


    Do you intend to fight Thundersword?

    Personally I'd decline and point out she is a coward who allowed a faithless heathen and criminal thug to use bloodstones openly in Old Town and then walk off with them, despite her supposed campaign to eradicate the trade.

    You will have my support in this matter as it is truth not slander and although I do not like mud slinging it seems Thundersword is intent to behave like a child as she has competition in this election


  • Christoph,

    You share me wisdom in the matter.
    I won't gamble the future of Arabel in a fight against a bawling baby of a noble. I'll take a hit to my pride for the sake of stopping her reckless rule and she'll end up making herself look even worse when her plan's foiled again.

    I don't intend to resume throwing mud publicly, but if you'd like top combat Elestra's slander against our house, submit your witness statement tot he militia proving that the posters I already removed were in fact truth.

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I trust with Myron out of the running and Thundersword thoroughly shamed due to her actions you should find things much easier.