Vote Elodie Ledoux for Chancellor!

  • [The following flyers swiftly cover street corners and walls around Old Town, Downtown and the Citadel. One or two make it into Tilverton and Eastway.]

    Happiness! Freedom! Security!

    These are the tenets of the faith of Sharess and, under my leadership, the future for Arabel!

    Citizens of Arabel,

    I speak to you all as a person who has experienced the cruelties and the joys of each caste of life.
    I have lived amongst the merchants of Marsember and know the labours of the commonfolk.
    I have lived within the squalor of Old Town where I learned the feeling of helplessness and the ache of an empty stomach.
    I have risen from the gutters and stood amongst the nobility where I aspired to share their responsibility for my fellow citizens.

    No matter which walk of life you might have travelled, you can trust me to listen to your woes and right whatever wrongs I can!

    Should you vote for me I shall devote the city's resources to bolstering the established organisations and supporting budding businesses!
    Adventuring Guilds, Mercenary Companies, Artisan Guilds, Trading Companies and more will all have the chance to become registered organisations and all unaffiliated adventurers will be provided with incentive to join their ranks!

    Should you vote for me I promise fresh starts to the downtrodden!
    Arabel will form a close relationship with Tilverton as it sprouts and flourishes with our help.
    Those that seek an escape from their lives in Arabel may have the option to start anew in the flowering village of Tilverton, protected and guided by Mistral Ophirae and the Church of Akadi.

    Should you vote for me I will provide new opportunities to both noble and commoner alike!
    Once I have been granted the mantle of Chancellor of Arabel applications for prestigious roles amongst my Council will be being accepted.
    Amongst the available roles are: Minister of Defence, Minister of Commerce, Minister of Culture, Warden of the Arabel City Militia, Council Treasurer, Council Minute Taker, Judges of the Court of Arabellian Law.
    Those that support my campaign actively and show initiative or have shown initiative in the fields of skill required for these roles will come be considered highly.

    Cast your vote in my favour and I promise to deliver this and more to all Citizens of Arabel!
    Vote for Elodie! Le-doux the right thing let's make Arabel purrfect!

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~

  • Citizens of Arabel,

    My opponent, Lady Thundersword, seeks to wield lies against my campaign by denouncing me for corruption that does not exist!
    Never in my life have I spoken to the Lady, not even as I travelled with her and Lord Bhaliir to PROTECT and HEAL them, yet because she is unable to compete with my diligence in approaching the People of Arabel to learn how best I could serve them in a position of leadership she ATTACKS me with lies.
    Lady Thundersword does not know me.

    Is that really the Chancellor that you would want to vote for? A reckless, irresponsible brat who's instinct dictates she begin flinging her own faeces at an unknown opponent!?
    A leader that cares about their people would seek to SHIELD their subjects from danger with civil words.
    A leader that cares about their people would not DECEIVE you and would not place her charge in the path of danger she provoked!

    Follow not Lady Thundersword's lack of wisdom and abundant aggression and cast your vote for a stable, caring and free Arabel.
    Vote for Elodie Ledoux and help me make Arabel purr again!

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~

  • Admin [DM]

    Many citizens look on the various promises offered therein with dubious suspicion about the lack of concrete and fundamental changes to a philosophy in governing the city- with many of its issues unaddressed. Many accuse Elodie of being Bhaliir's puppet in running the city as she was a retainer of his house, while others roll their eyes and carry on with their lives. Displaced farmers view the election message with possible hope at a new start in Tilverton, considering a city guarantee to the renewed lands on the Moonsea Ride as a way of saying they will protect the lands there from roaming monsters and other threats...

    Many curiously point out that the Priestess of Sharess has left out anything regarding the nature of her faith. Others offer the idea that she wanted to appeal to as many as possible, while those who live a more pious life accuse her of setting aside her faith for the purpose of politics.

    Support: Disinterested, lukewarm.

  • Citizens of Arabel,

    Further to my prior postings, I deliver more of the changes I shall implement soon after my election should you choose to vote for me!

    Fines will become largely percentile based.
    Too often do wealthy individuals break the law and simply shrug off their fines while their coinpurse threatens to burst open.
    The poor will no longer be forced into the Legion for the smallest of crimes!
    To aid the Militia in enforcing this change all Militiamen will be offered educated in calculating percentages if they were previously lacking.

    Fortnightly revels
    Once a Minister of Culture has been accepted into my Council, every two weeks all Citizens of Arabel, both noble and common, will be invited into a designated location for a night of relaxation and entertainment.
    Large purchases of meat will be needed and so many hunters will be needed and those lacking jobs are encouraged to pick up a bow!

    The Purple Dragons
    I have been approached with concerns that one of my competitors might send Eveningstar's garrison to the front lines so that they might be replaced with another armed force.
    I have no intentions of replacing our country's brave men and they'll continue to patrol our trade routes and protect our farms.
    My Minister of Defence, once hired, will liaise between myself and the Garrison to ensure there will always be white and purple uniforms ready to guard our homes!

    Vote for Elodie for a Chancellor that knows the woes of all walks of life!
    Vote for Elodie to bring happiness and security to both commonfolk and noble alike!

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~

  • [Some previous posters are crossed out and removed, then replaced with new ones.]

    Citizens of Arabel,

    I humbly apologise for stooping to the low levels of my opposition by rising to their slanderous bait and returning the favour to them.
    I have removed my retributive postings that outline the flaws of my opponent, Lady Thundersword, because I believe that Arabel's people have the wits about them to learn of each candidate themselves.
    A citizen's vote should be decided on their political views, not on the spiteful prattle spewed from an envious candidate's mouth.

    My focus is on my own campaign and on how best I can mould Arabel for all of her people to better provide everyone with happiness, security, and freedom.

    Vote for Elodie! Be you commoner or Lord, Elodie's Arabel will be here for all of your needs and wants!

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~

  • Citizens of Arabel,

    To clarify on my intentions for my Council:

    All positions noted in my original campaign poster are available to apply for by all law-abiding citizens of Arabel once I have assumed the position of Chancellor.
    I offer equal opportunity to explain why you desire the position, what you would do with the position and to prove you possess the initiative and skillset required to help your Chancellor maintain your home.

    I have not bartered these positions to my friends as some of my competition might claim, but I am naturally aware of the talent in those closest to me.
    To provide absolute transparency, applications submitted by the following individuals would be received and highly considered:
    For his role in the restoration of the village of Tilverton and his efforts within House Bhaliir, Gondar Christoph Amraphen.
    For her vital role in the restoration of Tilverton and her continued diligence to see the village rebuilt, Mistral Ophirae.
    For his dedication in protecting, feeding and bringing comfort to the commonfolk of Old Town and in his efforts to serve the Crown in the hunt for the Spark of Divinity, Lord Foril Bhaliir.
    For their joint show of skill and initiative in founding a successful mercenary company proven time and again to serve the interests of Arabel by combating the gangs of Old Town and several external threats, Ibrahim and Falkyr Esolen.
    For his masterful skills in accounting and continued success in managing Arabel's treasury, Valiant Kraliqh.

    Finally, ambassadors from Arabel's neighbours and embassies chosen by their peoples' governing body may request a seat within my Council to oversee matters regarding their home nation.

    Let merit carry your ambitions from the mud into the sky!

    Vote for Elodie! Vote for opportunity!

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~

  • Citizens of Arabel,

    Today is your last chance to vote for your city's Chancellor!
    Look upon the last days events and consider carefully who would lead us into a better future.

    Barabus Fen and Myron O'Connor have resigned their campaigns leaving only three options.
    One of which has both accepted a campaign manager that betrayed his sponsors and threw away his promises to you, so that he could ride the coat-tails of a more successful candidate AFTER accepting donations to fill his pockets.
    The very same Lady Thundersword whose deceptions were unveiled in the Court of Tyr after she committed capital crimes to protect her friends, yet she entered this election accusing me of corruption!

    Truly, there are only two options.

    A vote for Lord Bhaliir is a vote for tradition and nobility.
    A vote for me is a vote for freedom, happiness and security.

    Once again, I urge you to play your part in the fate of Arabel's next two months and cast your vote in favour of a reliable leader.

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~

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