The Donations Made by the Huxley Foundation

    [A letter is left with Caria Arna]

    I leave this modest donation with you alongside this letter. May it ease the suffering of those who were forced to struggle during the Hungerstrike caused by the madness of the Chosen of Malar. I commend the bravery of one Fodel Bersk, a beggar devoted in service of the Goddess of Mothers. He alone stood up against the vile creature Ironfoot, bravely standing against impossible odds where all others stood by. I was inspired by him, as I was inspired by my dear friend Bernard Huxley.

    From now own, all donations from House Bhaliir to the coffers of Ilmater shall come through the Huxley Foundation. I hope that with the donation given today, funded from the pockets of the dead lycanthrope- the Downtrodden of Old Town can find more than suffering in their hearts.

    Humanity will prosper,
    Lord Bhaliir

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