Royal Scout Calder Daxx

  • Mr Daxx,
    As I promised you, I present you with a quick update of what you have missed during your mission.

    The spark of Divnity has been located to be in the hands of The Lich King of the Haunted Halls. Individuals are working to try and find a way to have him hand it to them, especially Lord Bhaliir. I imagine others are doing the same however.

    Lord Manzahar has not been spotted since his slaughter of several undead giants in the Thayan Arena. Either he has vanished entirely, or he is merely plotting. The only of his lieutenants that is seen in the Arabel region is Vorigan, bastard of Deschurr. He peddles bloodstones, and is picking fights whereever he can.

    The Lizard men army marching on Arabel, was defeated by a group of adventurers led by Lord Bhaliir. If you seek information on what occured, he is the best option for information.

    An unknown creature, believed to be a mind flayer of sorts, attacked Thunderholme with a large host of underdark creatures. It was fended off by myself, and a large group of adventurers. The creature seemed to be testing us, and testing our abilities in battle, yet for whatever reason it did, have eluded me.

    Ironfoot the werecat was defeated by Lord Bhaliir, a few days ago.

    The High Priestess of Akadi is busy building up Tilverton, and is currently seeking an elder earth elemental, for reasons unknown.

    And finally, the election for the position of Chancellor has been announced, though beyond myself, I know not of any other candidates at this time.

    I hope this letter finds you well, and that I can present the story for you soon.
    Elestra Thundersword

  • Lady Thundersword,

    You have my thanks for the update. I will seek out Lord Bhaliir or a representative of his House to discuss both cases.

    -- Royal Scout Daxx