House Thundersword Announces: The Chronicles of the Arabellan Adventurer

  • Far too few of the epic stories and grand deeds of the Arabellan adventurer are never documented. To ensure that the tales of today can serve as inspiration for tomorrow, House Thundersword shall sponsor the creation of “The Chronicles of the Arabellan adventurer”, a grand volume detailing the deeds of both heroes and villains alike, which shall serve as inspiration for generations to come.

    I shall offer my services with both sword and quill, to the adventuring population of Arabel, so that their grand deeds and heroic tales can be preserved for the generations to come.

    Temporary Cynosure will be offered to any foul villain or practitioner of mischief, who hold stories which they wish to see documented or written. House Thundersword will offer complete confidentiality, for the purpose of preserving otherwise lost Lore.

    Scribes who seek permanent employment or wish to take part of the project, will be sponsored by the coffers of House Thundersword.

    Elestra Thundersword