Ranger FE

  • The way FE works is that, the more FEs you have, the more potent they are.

    Is this actually based on the number of FEs, or is this based on ranger/Harper levels?

  • I believe it's based on the number of favored enemies you have, though I'm not 100% on it. @Polaris probably has the best understanding of our homebrew classes, so he could probably give a definitive answer.

  • Each time you gain the favoured enemy feat, the bonuses versus your favoured enemy increases by 1. As a pure ranger on our server, you’d only get those feats at ranger 1, 5, and 10.

  • Rangers can also take Spell Focus (but not Greater Spell Focus or Spell Defense) instead of Favored Enemy. If they do this, do they still get the FE quality increase?

  • I like to be helpful, but don't know how to respect the rules of the forums.