Letter for Jon Doe, left at the Grinning Goat

  • Jon,

    I did some library scouring, and came upon three interesting avenues which we can pursue, to win over your chosen Lady.
    Finder Wyvernspur, a demigod, is said to have once been part of the Wyvernspur family. He traveled Cormyr and much further, and may be just the thing we need. It is said he had an old research facility where he practiced his craft, though I have no clue where. My best guess is somewhere within the Hullack Forest. If we can find perhaps one of his old song books, she might like that.

    More recent, and likely more relevant is the disappearence of Emil Wyvernspur, who married Lord Hardcastles daughter. They disappeared on the Wyvernwater, but the body was never recovered. If we can search beneath the weaves, perhaps we can find something of his, and return it to her.

    Both feats if we can do it, will earn you her respect, and perhaps admiration.


  • Lady Thundersword

    I know where the shipwreck is. In all likelihood, anything of value has been taken by the lizardfolk, merfolk...or sea elves, if they're still around. Most of these races are alien to me, besides my run-ins with the first two in the Underdark.

    I am admittedly more interested in finding the song books. I have a book on the Verses of the Goddess that I keep as a personal treasure. Would you like a look at it? There may be a code hidden within it...If not, we can pursue another Spirit's favor to find it.


  • I would very much like to look at it. It sounds interesting! The songbooks it is. We shall meet for a drink, and discuss our next plan of action.


  • // Turns out that this book shouldn't exist TT-TT It's a bug that it dropped at all; it's supposed to be a DM item. I'll need a few hours to correct things.

  • Lady Thundersword

    It appears that the minor god of private missives has ferried the book off to some unknown part of the aether. Apologies.

    However, I'm still interested in pursuing the divine Wyvernspur's collection - why else would I tote around that book for several months despite not being able to use it?

    Given that he is a man of journey, not destination, I think our best bet to find it is to contribute a song to the collection. Now, I'm not a master flutist nor even a haphazard composer. And I'm sure you have elected to master other talents (though your musical abilities are probably appropriate for a lady of your stature).

    I think we should approach the satyrs. I know where one can often be found...canoodling. They like wine and pretty ladies, and can be inspired by the smallest instances of beauty. But I'm not someone capable of inspiring much in others.

    Feel up for an adventure?