Want to Start and Inn? Free Land Offered!

  • The village of Tilverton seeks a proprietor for an inn and caravansary!

    We offer free land, protection of one of the best mercenary companies in the Arabellian region and support (financial and otherwise) of the Church of Akadi in helping you get yourself established.

    Our requirements are simple:
    The inn must have a strong theme or flavor. Anything goes that does not violate our local rules.
    It must bring entertainment to the village and act as a way station for caravans (we will help with the later.)
    It should be entertaining and inviting of adventurers and civilians alike as a place to spend time.

    If you’d like to throw your hat into the ring, send a letter to myself at any of the local inns in and around Arabel with the following information:

    Your name:
    The name you’d give the Inn:
    What theme you would go for:
    How you would involve people on bringing your vision to life (we can help you if you’re unsure of how to make this entertaining):
    What you think you would need from us to make it happen (coin, manpower, etc):

    We will be accepting proposals for the next seven days ((closing out March 1st)) all proposals will be weighed in terms of creativity, fun (for all involved) and clarity of vision/execution. A sample proposal is included.

    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral (High Priestess) of Akadi
    Village of Tilverton

    Sample Proposal:

    Your name: Ophi Miavyre

    The name you’d give the Inn: The Cowardly Jaguar

    What theme you would go for: Primarily jungle themed with tropical drinks and all kinds of tribal crap on the walls. The centerpiece would be a huge dire jaguar hide painted pink!

    How you would involve people on bringing your vision to life: I’d host hunts for a dire jaguar, get people to go harvest plants from Chult, including ‘special mushrooms’ for drinks. I’d wrangle up local alchemists to create special drinks and stockpile plenty of the aforementioned ‘special mushrooms’ to give things a bit of extra kick. I may also hire rangers to tame frogs, birds and other wildlife from the region (and teach me how to make them live in Cormyr).

    I’d host animal fights and ‘man versus nature’ bouts to promote the inn and maybe the occasional special game hunt of a Chultan beast for big cash prizes. I’d also dress the waiters/waitresses in skimpy tribal outfits.
    What you think you would need from us to make it happen: Coin, help finding portals or quick ways to get to Chult and the occasional sponsorship. I’ll handle the rest!


    The big thing with stuff like this is to keep the focus on involving PC’s and not relying on DM’s to make stuff happen. We’ll work with you and help flesh out ideas if you’re not sure how to pursue something. Just send me a PM!

    If you'd like to do something like this but you're maybe not sure of a name or you're like me, not quite sure where to start, try rifling through the Tavern Name Generator. I built my little example on a name it spat out and I can already imagine the way it'd look.

  • [Kept fresh as an open invitation to literally anyone]

  • Your name: Penny Glimwater

    The name you’d give the Inn: The Ornery Badger

    What theme you would go for: Forest themed with a mix of local and non-local drinks and food. A large mural of the past of Tilverton would take up a wall and a large, grumpy looking stone badger would sit near the door to 'greet' visitors. It's eyes will judge all who enter.

    How you would involve people on bringing your vision to life: Find scolars and elves who remember the past of Tilverton for the Mural, alchemists for the drinks and 'extras'. A mason or craftsman(of craftsdwarf) for the badger. I'd also want local druids and rangers to see if they can calm the local beasts and point out good trophy animals.

    There would be, as suggested by Mistral Ophi, a fighting ring and the occasional match between beasts and men. (Perhaps even animate the stone Badger as a pit master.)

    What you think you would need from us to make it happen: Yes.

  • [Bumping for the final couple days of accepting ideas!]

  • The final day of submissions begins.

    By sundown today we will have reached a decision!

    Submit your inn idea, claim some of our land and start a business you can be proud of!

  • Your name: "Honest" Jack Masterson

    The name you’d give the Inn: The Tipsy Tapir

    What theme you would go for: Rustic, home away from home inn with a roaring fireplace, a well-stocked bar and a fighting ring. Decor is low key and traditional, places to sit by the fire, and tables for card and dice games.

    How you would involve people on bringing your vision to life: I'd organize regular tournaments with various conditions (such as no potions, fists only, to first blood, grand melee, to the death (if permitted) and take care to promote them. Everyone loves watching a good fight. I'd go on missions with others to gather prizes and prize money - magical artifacts make perfect trophies. For food, I will hold a cooking contest in which candidates can show off their creativity for a position as a cook. In the absence of a skill cook, we'll organize regular hunts for the most exotic of foods and spices to keep the offerings on snacks and home-cooking varied and fresh.

    There'll also be dice and card games as well as drinking games. I plan to use some of Finn's very successful drinking games as well as hire dealers for casual games of blackjack. Story-telling and boasting contests are also a given.

    What you think you would need from us to make it happen: Prize money & items as well as word of mouth and advertising. Also a safe haven from legal trouble from Arabel & relief from the penal legion. Agreements with other settlements would be helpful to ensure flourishing trade so that the larder and wine cellar remains stocked.

  • Admin [DM]

    Name: Johnny Carlson

    The Name of the Inn: The Last Shadow

    Theme: A dark rustic inn with a flickering fireplace with a slow roasting boar on a spit. Cheap watered down ale served in pewter cups as privacy and discretion would be the highest virtues of the place. A basement for gambling and fight nights as well as other events, and an attic for rent for groups based out of tilverton.

    What I need: A guarantee that no one bothers the business of any of my patrons.