Letters to Lorenia and Fodel

  • @Sanctuary

    Enclosed is a copy of the 'offer' I've discussed with you in person. We're not, at present, ready to accept immigrants but I wanted to get this in front of you so you could proofread it and raise any concerns before it's brought to people like Caria or other locals in the district.

    Thank you for hearing me out and I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral of Akadi
    Village of Tilverton

    The village of Tilverton has been cleansed and blessed by Akadi, the curse broken and darkness lifted. With this cleansing wind we’ve come to offer those who would re-settle the village an invitation to do so.

    • Each family or group of individuals (no less than 3) will be offered a piece of land to work.
    • These people will be transported to and from (if they chose to leave) Tilverton at the cost of the Church of Akadi.
    • Each group will have its basic needs provided for until the first full yield of bear crops (food, water, shelter.)
    • The first yield of a farm will be purchased at full market value.
    • Upon yielding crops, the group responsible for the farm will be offered full citizenship in the village with the right to vote or run for its council and granted the land which they have worked as an independent land owner in Tilverton.
    • Future yields will be offered to the village for purchase at average market value first, if the village does not purchase it, the farm owners may do with it what they please.

    We will be making this offer to other prominent figures within Old Town, as a show of solidarity and sincerity in our desire to bring people up instead of holding them down. We do not ask people to convert to our faith, Akadi would see only that we provide people with the freedom to chose their own path in life.

    This is our offer to the citizens of old town; a new start, a brighter future and something they can claim as their own. We would ask for your assistance in making this dream a reality, helping you carry out your own work or raising your name with no expense for doing so.


    Ophirae Mivayre
    Mistral (High Priestess) of Akadi
    Village of Tilverton