Tempest the Axe

  • @Tempest

    Dear Tempest,

    We've been trough a lot already, and we are getting closer everyday to what we're looking for. This information that is locked within me might let us make another step into discovering Hardcastle's secrets.

    I've made a deal with the War Wizard, and if we give him what he wants, I believe that we might have the information that your benefactor, the lady, wants.

    I've repaired you many times over the last weeks, I've shown care for you, and you repaid it very well by being a wall and destroyer of foes.

    Now though, I require help of the best mind wizard this city has to offer. And believe me when I say that wizard is the most efficient one we'll find for this task, to unlock this information. It isn't a matter of judgement, but simply an evidence.

    I would require the armor you found from the tombs, the one the militia had you fined for, made of elven flesh. This will pay for the unveiling of lore that might lead us to our goal.

    I believe that you do not possess the same respect for skin as some races do, because you do not recall your memory as a fleshy, and this is normal. But this enchantment specialist does.

    In the name of our friendship and objective, would you please help me, dear? I will obviously equal the payment you would get from any other source, and pay the fine the militia asks of you, so you can continue to use Kraliq's forge.

    Your friend and doctor,

    -Etholycus Cabellan, Scientist, Theorist, Mechano-Wizard, Brewer, Alchemist.