Inquiry to Militia

  • Hey there,

    I recently spoke to one of your guardspeople. See, there are some of these fellows walking around the city, and they transform into some ferocious creatures! Some of 'em turn into dogs, and boars, and other nasty things. Then they -EAT- people! The Guardsperson said I should stay away from 'em too, because they're cursed with a disease and this disease can spread! So why the heck is the Militia allowing these people to just walk around the place? What if they change and eat somebody!?

    I ain't gunna wait for them to eat someone. I want to get rid of 'em. Or at least put them somewhere where if'n they lookin' for a cure, they won't be able to hurt no one!


  • Thank you for providing you statement. This will be taken into consideration as we re-evaluate the level of tolerance for lycanthropes in the city.

    -- Private Ysolt Argenta