A letter sent forward to the Mage's Guild, and a copy to Lord Bhaliir himself.

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    Dear wizardly colleagues,

    It has been a day now that something weights upon my mind, and I respectfully and officially ask for your help.

    Recently we, myself and adventurers hired by our good lord Bhaliir, investigated the tomb of an ancient lich, and we've retrieved unholy artifacts such as the sword our dear unlucky Benny Huxley carried for too long before succumbing to madness. Among these artifacts were various treasures of worth, weapons and shields of legends. Once we managed to teleport out of the crumbling crypts after the slaying of an undead planetar and ended up within the waling fog, I felt.. strange, as if something followed me from the crypt. I felt dizzy for a moment, I almost lost consciousness. With the help of Tempest, I managed to walk back to security.

    I felt within my mind a path. I felt.. something, that was there, but it was too dangerous to attempt without proper preparation. So I did prepare, used every spell I could cast to protect my mind, and I took the path, braving the dangers.

    I woke up on the ground, near Tempest and Huxley. I also felt the warm touch of healing from the priestesses. They explained to me that I tried to take off Huxley's eyes in a mad rage, which meant that I had failed. We tried again, even though my headache was getting more intense with the closeness of Huxley's evil blade, which was obviously connected to the undead planetar we had killed. With Lord Bhaliir's Mythalite, and my own, one in each hand, I managed to re-focus and find out a bit more of the mystery within my head.

    What I would like, dear colleagues, would be a circle of mage not to only exorcise this knowledge, but to seek it trough. I wish to learn what I know deep inside. I wish to enter my own mind, with the help of you all.

    If adventurers are needed, should you require someone to subdue me if whatever's inside my head manifest again, I would suggest those who were there during the tomb's raid, in a list following this letter.

    If you would be so kind, as to help me?

    -Etholycus Cabellan, Scientist, Theorist, Mechano-Wizard, Brewer, Alchemist, and a man with a long-lasting headache.

    A list is attached

    Lord Foril Bhaliir
    Tempest the Axe
    Zuth the dwarf
    Bernie-Dear the Huxley
    Lorenia the Healer
    Elodie the Sexy Beautifull

    ///Let me know your disponibility if agreed. I have Thursday, Saturday and Sunday free of work so I can be on any-time. The other days I work at 15H30 EST until 23H00. I can possibly log-in from work, but with intermittent AFKs.

  • //GMT +1. I work today night, I've got two days off after that. I'm free when my wife doesn't need me.... Settle a time, and I drop in when I can//


    I'll help if I can. However, enchantment is not quite my cup of tea.


  • Dear colleague,

    You count with the support, effort and knowledge of the lead enchantress and mental phenomenon researcher of the city. I'm in, and you'll be seen to health and safety - this I promise.

    Your friend,

    Lhal Estate annex, downtown district
    City of Arabel, Cormyr

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