• You have made quite a stir with the advertisement of the elven flesh armour, I have strangers crawling out of the woodwork looking for it.

    I still want the piece, very much, however I would advise telling any who ask that you have either sold it already or had a change of heart and destroyed it.

    I will pay you an additional five hundred gold to keep to yourself that you have sold it to me.

    Adventuring folk in the city have a mob mentality and you can expect a large number of them to come for you baying for blood.

    We still also have business to discuss.

    • Yuri Mharet

  • More gold sounds good to me, Yuri Mharet. I'll keep the armor for you, and while we're at it, I'd like the iron ring you've got. I'm often outside Arabel these days, oddly enough. But If we don't meet soon, I should be about at the end of this tenday. Despite the ban imposed on me, I've got plenty of metal to smelt and I've yet to find a forge.


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