A bill for expenses

  • Mr. Bernard Huxley,

    In my attempt to apprehend you, I wasted about 500 lyons worth of potions. I give you credit for being a worthy foe! You are lucky to have caught me off guard, otherwise you would no doubt be in the clutches of the Militia right now.

    I believe you should repay me for the potions. You did attack me, after all. I have several witnesses who can attest to this. Also you attacked the witnesses.

    But! I understand you were not yourself. If you have need of my services, I will do my utmost to help you. The cost of the potions can be included in your normal bill, which would make for less paperwork for me. It's win-win. Sort of.

    I eagerly await your response.

    Deena Dawncharm
    Dawncharm Detective Agency

    [After writing the letter, Deena realizes she has no idea how to deliver a message to a wanted man. She leaves it on a bar stool at Shylock's and hopes that the right person finds it.]

  • Dear Deena Dawncharm,

    I am sorry for your loss and I will compensate you the five hundred gold coins, you can add it to the bill for the job I had previously given you.

    When the list of portal words has been provided all payment will be totaled and rendered in full.


    Bernard Huxley

  • Oh wow, I can't believe this worked.

    Yes, of course, I am completely serious and didn't just write this on a whim to amuse myself. I will happily accept the repayment. Thank you for your understanding.

    I will be in touch once I have the list compiled for you.


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