To Lord Bhaliir

  • Honourable Lord Bhaliir,

    The agreed upon terms for our contract are as follows, should you still agree to the following we can draft two copies next we meet and sign off.


    Bernard Huxley

    [A rough draft follows]

    For the sum of 7500 gold per week the Mercenary Unit of 'The Treasure House' will serve House Bhaliir with the following requirements of each party.

    House Bhaliir requires the following.

    1. Regular patrols of Old Town, no less than once per day.

    2. No less than 10 haunches of fresh meat delivered to the Temple of Ilmater every week.

    3. The Mercenary forces of 'The Treasure House' will endeavor to keep certain blacklisted individuals out of Old Town

    4. Should House Bhaliir go to war with a local gang The Mercenary forces of 'The Treasure House' will provide aid in terms of manpower.

    The Treasure House requires the following.

    1. A contract term of four weeks at 7500 per week, to be terminated or renewed with the same or different terms and price at such a time.

    2. Legal immunity regarding altercations occurring during the term of the contract, caused by fulfillment of the contract.

    3. House Bhaliir cannot order any member of the Mercenary forces of 'The Treasure House' to go on a suicide mission for an reason whatsoever. Death in the line of duty is a possibility, but actions with a death rate over 50% are deemed suicidal.

    End of Terms

    Should either party fail to uphold their commitment, or wish to terminate the contract prematurely a penalty of 10,000 gold coins must be paid to the other party.

  • I have read through this contract and approve it, mr. Huxley. You will have my signature and your first weeks payment the next time we meet.

    Lord Bhaliir