Letter: Mr Cabellan, the Mages Guild, High Priestess of Akadi

  • Mr Cabellan, High Priestess, respected members of the Mage Guild,

    For some time now, I have managed to confiscate or take off the streets a large quantity of bloodstones and infernal stones. Nearly 80 stones so far, and more are being placed in my care every day.

    These souls deserve to be released from the wicked bonds placed upon them, but to do so, I will need your help. I have scoured the libraries, interrogated smugglers and creators of these vile stones, but so far my attempts to uncover the means to release them have not met success.

    My mastering of the weave pales when compared to yours. And so, I pen this missive, asking for your assistance. Is there a way to do it? If not, my proposal will be to use the scroll of Lesser Planar Binding that I have uncovered in my search, to call upon a celestial, and convince the celestial to assist me, and use their powers to accomplish what I myself cannot.

    But perhaps there is a better, more experienced way to go about it, one that you know, and that I can perhaps persuade you to help me with.

    If all else fails, then I shall deliver them to the care of the city militia, so that they at least will remain safe and off the streets.

    Lady Elestra Thundersword

  • @o-louth

    Lady Thundersword,

    My exposure to these monstrosities, and a person who once dealt in the use of human souls to empower weapons lead me to the understanding that bloodstones are fragments of sentient beings souls. They’re- in the words of the smith- ‘extremely crude’ such that not everything that makes these beings themselves is transferred over.

    I’m [a dot of ink on the page indicates a long pause.] -not saying its impossible, I just have sincere doubts that they can be recovered. As much as it pains me to say, I also have precious little understanding of how soul manipulation works that they could be divested from these stones without even more damage.

    My work with phoenix eggs is very raw and while it does work, these eggs are never meant to [another splotch of ink]

    For context, a phoenix egg is an alchemical creation built around a philosopher’s stone wrapped in reduced and seared white stag meat. When someone holding one of these eggs dies the revivifying qualities of the meat rebuild the body while the philosopher’s stone anchors their soul to this plane. When the meat is used up and the body rebuilt, the protective ‘shell’ around the stone is broken allowing the soul to reclaim its former housing.

    It’s incredibly painful and even for many days after the fact disconcerting, but a philosopher’s stone as the basis for creating a ‘soul net’ may hold some merit. Purely academically, I mean. I’m not in a hurry to try messing with that stuff. . . .It makes me uneasy, just as much as the stones themselves.

    But there may be something there.

    Run it by the mage guild and a qualified necromancer/priest of Banda, perhaps. I’m objectively the best alchemist you’ll find in this city, but they will have insights I don’t. I was a mercenary before my current life path, I certainly don’t have the answers for all of this.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral (High Priestess) and Champion of Akadi

  • Greetings, my Lady,

    For what is known, the souls inside Bloodstones are already... Gone, in most ways. They're fragmented, and there is no known way to put them back together. However, the Mages' Guild is about to begin researching this... Abominable desecration of the soul.