To Ophirae Mivayre

  • Dear Ophirae Mivayre,

    I have read your poster and the Treasure House is very interested in taking on a dual role of Mercenary Band and Merchant Union in the soon to be village of Tilverton.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in working together with us.


    Bernard Huxley

  • Bernard,

    I would be delighted to.

    Let me give you a quick rundown of our plans so you can see if or where our interests might collide.

    Security and Trade, are going to be very important going forward before we can offer people a stable place to live, however the sooner we can get something set up the sooner we can get things rolling for all involved.

    The threat profile for the region is fairly modest at the moment:

    • Bandits (rare)
    • Wildlife (Fairly common, mostly bears and such.)
    • Goblins (Few)

    I suspect this is largely due to sentient races in the aren’t aware that Tilverton has been cleared out. I’ve only seen a few bandits roaming, probably investigating the lack of darkness over the moonsea ride.

    Our goals for the near future are likewise fairly modest:

    • Secure the Moonsea ride from a bandit contingent that’s been plaguing the road.*
    • Find and secure access to local resources like timber and stone for building.
    • Re-enforce our defenses in the Tilverwood for caravan travel.
    • Raise or fund a caravan company within Tilverton for the village’s needs.
    • Raise our library.
    • Begin working on a trading post.
    • Begin recruiting in earnest.

    *The bandits in question are mostly war veterans from the Dalelands, conscripts who had no choice but to fight and then somehow fell through the cracks. Their leader seems to be taking advantage of them, but the way I see it we can provide them a future and a steady source of income to protect the roads and our village, so I would much prefer them brought to work with us than destroyed. Regardless, they need to be handled.

    As far as the economics go, we’ve been working on figuring out how best to approach this. Exotic wares might be nice, but part of our hope with the library is to make the village attractive to craftsmen and wizards of every stripe and encourage their crafts and development of new spells and creations that we can copy and sell as well.

    Some other ideas that had crossed our minds were things like merchant days; bringing many people selling wares to the village and hosting them for example.

    We’re always looking for ideas, so your expertise would be most welcome.

    If this interests you, I’d invite you and your company for a tour of my lands so you can get a more thorough understanding of what you’d be dealing with and we can discuss things. Of course, I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have as well.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral (High priestesss) and Champion of Akadi

    Why are you looking at this?