Letter Left for Finn from Militia

  • Finn,

    You have really crossed the line with your idiotic games at the cost of others. There is a warrant out there and I wish that you pay the fine directly to me along with stock time for assaulting me and Ysolt multiple times.

    If you dirty the City with rotten eggs or encourage others to do it, I will slap you with charges to clean the entire place and that of the laundry and bathing charges of the Citizens and also you will bear charges resulting from damage to property, paying for loss to the merchants on account of your mindless less act that will disturb their business and if anyone gets sick, I will also charge you with attempted murder

    I have made it clear why Militia is against your war of rotten eggs, continue with this and you will be doing a willful act against Arabel.

    Sergent Snyden

  • See you in the next war, buddy!


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