Letter to Mistral Ophirae

  • @TheTwistingWind


    I'd almost forgotten to tell you about another important aspect of dwarven society! The Kuldjarghs. This is a phrase, translated from Dwarven, as "Axe Idiots". They're more commonly known by non-dwarves as Battleragers.

    The reason we call them that is because thinking isn't a Battlerager's strong point. We send them in to scatter enemy lines, in advance of a dwarven charge. They're short tempered, and some of our most brute-like warriors, we have to keep younglings away from them since most are assigned to live in designated areas of our holds. You don't want a child, no matter the race (unless it's a snoutblood or grayskin) to be around Kuldjargh in the throes of fury.

    If you need help imagining what a Battlerager is like, take Finn and imagine if he was a dwarf. He'd be a prime candidate, with his zeal for battle and crazed charging. Or if you take Fignar and smack him in the head a few times, you get the idea of what a Kuldjargh is like.

    But I digress. A good Kuldjargh charge can scatter armies far more effectively than the main vanguard of a dwarven army. They're incredibly useful, albeit not too quick of thought at times.

    Freya Farthrow

  • @saoshyant


    As with yesterday, you continue to be as educational as you are interesting. I'm reasonably sure I worked with a company that had a small group of Kuldjarghs as part of it-- a group of brothers that mostly kept to themselves and were forbidden from eating or sleeping with the regular infantry. Terrifying to behold in combat, but I guess I never put two and two together.

    Thank you again for the education!


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