Land Offered for a Mercenary Company

  • The Village of Tilverton is offering land to any mercenary company willing to help settle and grow the village and secure it from threats.

    Your company would be tasked with assisting our projects such as:

    • Guarding caravans to and from the village.
    • Assisting in projects that expand the village (Such as our goal to raise a library; you would be asked to help people who’re taking expeditions to places or assist them with their research in some manner.)
    • Establishing and building defenses.
    • Making contact with local threats and if necessary, pacifying them.

    In exchange we offer:

    • Equipment (weapons, armor, alchemical goods, divine wands and arcane potions)
    • Land in order for you to build a base.
    • Assistance in building that base.
    • Citizenship and a chance to try your hand at politics if you chose to by joining the village council.

    You will be free to pursue other contracts, however your company will be expected to give preferential treatment to the village in matters of defense. If this interests you, simply send word to any of the local inns.

    Ophirae Mivayre
    Mistral (High Priestess) of Akadi
    Village of Tilverton

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