Supple elf skin armor for the finger wagglers

  • Found in the depths of a lich's tomb, a malleable studded leather armor made out of elf skin... ((+1 AC, 0% spell failure, +2 disc/con, OUB: Evil/Neutral))

    2500 gold.


  • Admin [DM]

    [posted beneath and word spread to all in the militia]

    The one called Tempest is to present her/him/itself to the militia personnel for fines for promoting the desecration of corpses and selling ill-gotten gains of necromantic activity, particularly, defiling the dead - if the elf was dead when its skin was removed - or torture - if the elf was still alive when its skin was removed.

    Sgt. Ferdinand

  • [Another note, tacked to the side of the posting]

    I shall take this for my collection.

    Should you find any other such specimens, elf, dwarf or otherwise, I will gladly compensate you for them

    • Yuri Mharet

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