Lycanthrope Registration

  • Be you shapechanger or shifter, submit your name and illness to the Archpreates for documentation, tracking and testing for a cure.

    We can rid your body and mind of the sickness that wracks it, and return you to your perfect human form.

    Those who we find who have not willfully submitted themselves shall be destroyed

    100 gold for each subject identified by the adventuring public

    Gold also paid for the crafting of silver weapons, which we will distribute to the good men and women of Old Town

    • Yuri Mharet
      Brotherhood of the Archprelates

  • Yuri - Werepiglet

  • Ironfoot
    Sickness: VERY SUDDEN appetitie for the flesh of Archprelates!

  • Honest Jack
    100% pure human and NOT a Werewolf