Ask A DM: Should We Still Use Plot Tickets in Redmine Tracker?

  • Hello,

    Just pursuing two plots right now and would like to ask, are we still suppose to make plot tickets on the Redmine Tracker website or are we just using the forum here?



  • Admin [DM]

    Depends on the dm really. Puffy reads it, I really do not and prefer having discord pms and all dropped on me

  • Admin [DM]

    Plot tickets is a place to collect your character process, actions, thoughts and ideas. Allowing a private conversation with ANY DM about your plot ticket. I am the one who read them the most, once every week is my goal but sometimes it is every second week or so. Other DMs also use these of course and it is common to use the plot ticket when talking about a character, as well.

    In the end, up to you!

  • My disambiguation:

    If you need a quicker turnaround on something, it may just be better to message a DM on Discord or here on the forums (just don't spam us - we got a lot of stuff to sift through on a daily basis).

    If you want more long-term planning with occasional feedback, Redmine is the better choice.