Instructions for Clan Dolsberg's craft

  • *The most sober-looking Kneecapper in Shylock's is bribed with a glowy enchanted mushroom or six, to pay for the next round of ales of a certain beardless group of dwarves... And to hand them this letter: *

    Dear clan Dolsberg,

    Welcome to the fold. Upon agreement to the code you've entitled yourself to these drinks and many more to come - much, much more than you imagine: those racist Archprelates and those soul-destroying Cobbles will be paying for your pints, your children's pints and your grandchildren's, once we are done beating their skulls in.
    So drink, make merry and ready for the biggest brawl of all your lives.


    alt text

    PD: About the items we agreed on, have a look at these.
    *Attached are the designs for two Cold Iron necklaces and five other Cold Iron goods. *