A Letter To Alice

  • Dear Alice.

    Whether you choose to pursue your story here, the page is turning and I find myself and Crow being swept across from the breeze of parchment moving right to left. He plans to leave - I've read as much and I'm afraid that as far as my obsession for this Spark goes, I'm helpless but to follow.

    I'm sure he plans to leave along the westward road and there is nothing he could do to deny you. As adventurers go, I am sure that we make a wonderful group. Fly quickly, little bird and we'll wait for you.

    With love,

  • *On tiptoes, Alice placed a few more coins atop the counter.
    "More, Alice, two more," said the barmaid, counting the addled girl's payment.
    "Like that?"
    "Yes, like that."
    "I will. Mm. Miss your cooking."
    "I know, Alice. You'll set out now? Why not wait until the morning?"
    "Mm. No. I have to say good-bye. Mm... I really loved the characters of this story."

    The little ghost then walked away, likely leaving more confusion in her wake than answers, and set out to find the many people that had lit her days.

    "I'm coming. Mm. Saranja... Crow." *

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