A Bounty on Unseelie

  • (The notice is left in all districts.)

    Unseelie and Seelie

    The domain of the Winter Court comes to a close,
    And the green and pink of spring grows.
    The spring equinox on the 19th of Ches tolls
    The end of misfortune, and the prancing of foals.

    In preparation for the Raed, with eyes all steely
    There is a bounty placed on live unseelie.
    Red caps, hoarfrosters, grigs...worse too,
    Be wary, or you may be run through.
    The horrors of the Dark Queen's Court are varied and vicious,
    And they find mortal flesh delicious.
    Bring them alive, and payment will be given
    Up until the the fated day, driven

    Fey in a bottle is of no use
    Often they are seelie in abuse
    However, the Gents will see them free
    And have their own separate bounty

    On the 18th of Ches, the Raed will be held.
    The Unseelie who do not flee will be felled.
    Those who participate will be gifted with luck
    For a year and a day, for the story most awestruck.
    Not only a ritual of hunt, but of storytelling and art.
    Be brave, lead with your heart.
    Observers are welcome to relish in the fest.
    And vote on whose telling is the best.

    Jon, Initiate of the Circle of the Verdant Lord

  • The first hunt is done and bounties paid
    Luck will find those who Raed
    Fortunes turned from to good from ill
    To those who bring unseelie from their hill

    A pair of centaurs, hellbeasts, sluaghs, and a froster
    Some blood of the woman warrior cost her
    But the two men stood tall, and she stood once more
    Congratuations to Talia, may she shine like a meteor

  • Another raed complete, the bodies lay askew
    Three redcaps, a hoarfroster, and spirits returned anew
    Last but not least, a hag of the isle
    Scout, did reading that make you smile?

    Our hunters today, they were not amiss
    First among them, a warrior of the HOLY FIST
    Also, the performer, who speaks in first person
    As well as the dwarf who spites his unseelie cursin'

    A foul ritual tainted the view of the horizon
    Painted there by the dark intentions risin'
    A weapon recovered, to deal with foul fey
    Perhaps a trophy for the runner-up on the fated day?

  • The fated day is around the corner
    More gold to be taken from this foreigner
    Should you wish to hunt foul fey
    It would be wise to obtain more prey

    Hundreds of coin per living body
    No matter if the condition is shoddy
    But living, breathing, surviving,
    Angry, potent, striving.

  • A man with red hair and an ivy branch wrapped around his left arm takes a copy of the bounty placed on the board and reads it over. He takes a moment before scrawling something on the bottom.

    Keeping Winter at bay is a noble goal... one I'm quite willing to lend my hand and magicks to. We should find one another soon.

    • Xander Granndach

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