Slipped under the door for Finn

  • [Slipped under the door for Finn by an ununiformed woman]

    Finn, I try to convince myself that you're my friend, but you don't throw rotten eggs at your friends unless they're enjoying the game. Mehmen was having fun, and that's fine, but we were not. I can excuse the first egg on each, but you're not stupid. You should have figured out by then that we were not having fun.

    If you pay your fine - which I did not issue but must enforce - and apologize, you might not get stock time.


  • Hey Ysolt,

    It was just some eggs. Anyway, I'm sure people will forget about it soon enough. I'm going to spend a few days in the Old Town, got some serious business with the Gangs to handle, so lets hope it all slides!

    By the way, there shall be a second war of eggs in a week or so, be prepared.


  • As long as the people you engage with are having fun, it's fine. If they aren't, then don't. I'm content to simply go somewhere quiet and wait it out. Snyden isn't content with that, and some of the other guards may not be either. I want you and yours to be safe.