Lorenia Corinna to Narfell Smith

  • Narfell Smith,

    Narfell, I don't know if you remember, but I helped you in recovering the Idol of Trom Lutz Tzu awhile back. I'm planning an expedition into the Lair of Temptation with a large group of people, I was wondering if you could help me with your expertise in some treasure lore.

    I'm hearing from several adventurers about some possible treasure or power associated with 'Adama' that lays within the lair. I'm under the impression that 'Adama' is some sort of spiritual belief or a lifestyle? No one could quite explain it very well to me.

    Do you know of any items that are associated with 'Adama' or any specific items that someone would go spelunking for within the Lair of Temptation?

    Lorenia Corinna
    Healer of Torm

    P.S. You can come with us if you want.

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