Tone Down/Remove Bloodstones and Contraband from Quests and increase more contraband opportunities for PC Dealers

  • This pretty much breaks the market for dealers. You can do some quests and get a lot of those, so nobody seems to be bothering becoming dealers.

    Also adding other options for contraband people can sell would be great. Can even make it thematic for gangs.

    • Bottled Fey (Shivs, Scraps, Kneecappers)
    • Shrooms (Kneecappers, Scraps, Shivs)
    • Poisons and Strange Elixers/Drinks (Dolsberg Clan, Shivs, Palace of Wonders, Sembian Mob)
    • Corrupted Dwarven Runes (Dolsbeg Clan)
    • Bloodstones/Bleakstones (Archprelates)
    • Infernal Stones / Abyss Stones (Cobbled Demons)
    • Tax Evaded/Stolen Goods (Sembian Mob, River Saints, Scraps)
    • Slaves (Cobbled Demons)

  • Fully support this, there is literally no need to buy any illegal stuff from PC!

    Great shout with each group having their own lot of gear...but I thought that was the plan anyway and DMs just never got round to putting it in!

    But yes, 100% agree.

  • 100% agreement here, PC criminals need more to do!
    Also corrupted dwarven runes would make for EXCELLENT conflict around Dwarves.

  • I really dont even see the benefit to selling illegal goods as a PC other than because you wanna stick it to the man..

    Im sure at a point it earned you money but not anymore.

  • I've agreed 100% too. This was the idea originally, players should have to buy this stuff in bulk and smuggle it into the city. Adding it all to quests made it kind of pointless and took out most the risk of collecting/hoarding it all; making NPCs who sell it in back alleys made it even easier.

    However, I hate to say, the loot system of v5 is entirely broken. Fixing it, would honestly take us PAST the point where we'd have v6 ready. So dunno what to do with that.

  • We could as a community, agree to completely ignore contraband in the loot table and just not pick it up.

    Not exactly the best solution.

  • Moloch,

    it possible to just create a drop in replacement for those contrabands?

    I think we all agree that we want bloodstones to exist, and we like having contraband found on some quests, we just don't enjoy the thought of hindering the sales out of character.

    So could we simply replace the contraband on quests with different items? Potions or regular gemstones?

    Wouldn't this drive up the bloodstone prices again ? Also - it would return them to being player distributed.

  • @gruffman We could, and by about June or August, we'd have it all done.

    I hope to have v6 done before that.