Posters by a white little ghost

  • *A small quiet figure clad in white is seen putting up hand-written posters all over Old Town and Downtown - curiously, not one of these is found at the Citadel. Some say she is a child, some say she is Finn's wife in disguise, some say she is a reanimated doll or a spawn of a devil... The consensus, though, is that this figure in a white summer's dress is unnerving. The posters all read differently: *

    "Have you seen the Crow? Tell him it's been Thursday for a long time."

    "Crow, the stew is cold."

    "Saranja, I have writings for the Spark. It was our secret mission."

    "Crow where are you?"

    "Crow, Saranja, we were birds of the blackest feather. Come back."

    "Saranja, I have writings, come read!"

    "Tell Crow that I cannot make it Thursday forever... It's been two weeks. Stories always have to go on."

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