Thayan Arena Loot

  • Hey. Building some loot to add to the Thayan Arena for later today and looking for some suggestions. Please refrain from suggesting things like "X longsword of awesome +5 because I use a longsword."

    Neat little stories for Descriptions of how the item came to be or their name, items that might have history from past CoA events, etc.

  • Band of the Lost Lovers

    A lost wedding band of Clar Bandan lovers.

    Spell Focus: Necromancy

  • Tail of Akdul Mephria

    The infamous Tiefling wizard who terrorized Arabel a great many years ago, few if any people know what came to be in regards to him, though clearly someone recovered this trophy.

    Misc. Item, probably something to do with magic seeing as how he was a level 13 or something wizard.

  • The Horn of Aurixvrak Auneluith

    A horn from the famed Mystran paladin whom was a member of the Stark Wyverns, along with being half a golden Dragon!
    It still retains some of his potently holy energies.

    1/day Divine Power? Maybe 2/day Divine Favour at a high CL? Something useful as a trinket, possibly OUB: Good too.

  • The Head of Giovanni Di'Angelo

    The head of the Dread Knight reanimated by the Forsaken Legion, he infamously didn't need it to survive! You wonder where his body is though, given that this thing still shrieks and hollers.

    1/day Wounding Whispers, 3/day Balagarn's Iron Horn? Something sonic-based, maybe deafening clang.

  • Jadraxian's Wedding Ring

    This is said to be the wedding ring that Jadraxian wished to give to his lover Clarabella a'Banda, despite its utterly ancient age it's still in phenomenal condition and potently magical.
    You can't help but wonder that by wearing this you may insult the Goddess, however..

    Dunno what a good property for this would be.

  • Vidyahe Caru's Feather

    This pristine white feather comes from the wing of the fearsome Caru, now deceased.

    ?? Properties.

  • Thunes Infamy

    A transcript of Kraegus Thunes most noteworthy speech, most of the words burned away except these three.. "LET THEM BURN"

    1/day elemental shield, 1/day firebrand CL 15, 3/day flame arrow

  • Lhals' Ring

    The engagement ring of Myrmeen Lhal, given to her by her husband Haverstrom.
    You have no idea where this may have come from, but you're sure Myron is involved.

  • Bhaliir's Eye

    While not the eye of the HUMAN Lord Bhaliir, it is one of the eyes of the Beholder Tyrant that assumed Lord Bhaliir's position for a great many years.
    Despite the years since its death, it is still disgustingly potent and foul.

    Beholder Eye Loot put on steroids.

  • The "Rubies" of Gentles

    The terrifying werebeast known as Vespair Gentles was often known for using the phrase "ruby necklace" in place of slitting someones' throat.
    This such amulet bleeds profusely and constantly, much like a slit neck.

  • Mitchel DeSchurr's Twin-Axe

    The weapon of the utterly insane Mitchel DeSchurr, however fanatically loyal to the Crown he may be. Either that or a very cunning replica!

  • Dryad's Voice (Lute)

    A wandering bard with little money for an instrument took to whittling his own from the trees surrounding his village - the bard failed to create an instrument worth keeping, and in his search for better materials, wandered further into the forest.

    He happened upon a glade where he found a resplendent tree, with shimmering golden leaves and hazel bark. He carved a masterwork lute from it, and found that when he played it, he heard a sweet voice singing along with his melody. Amazed by this, he was quick to show the townsfolk, and gained fame for his wondrous playing, and notoriety from those who had realized the horrors of what he had done.

    Unbeknownst to him, the lute he had crafted was made from the bonded tree of a dryad - and in taking that chunk of wood had stolen her voice, and placed it into his instrument, heavenly, but tortured.

    OUB: Bard
    Healing Circle 1/day
    Wounding Whispers 1/day
    War Cry 1/day (?) flavoured as a scream of pain

  • The Sickle Whose Crop is Pain

    Base item Sickle; +1 enhancement +1d4 negative energy +2 vampiric regen on hit: Some disease

    A sickle made from beaten bronze with runes inscribed along its edges and a blood-groove running down the center of the blade, this tool is not used to cut rye or wheat. Instead, its harvest is of a far more sinister nature. When used in battle, the magic in the blade awakens and the sickle will harvest the pain of all those killed. Anyone surviving a hit from the sickle will start to decay and grow weak in minutes.

  • Half of Mitchel DeSchurr's Axe


    Is this really a half of the infamous DeSchurrian patriarch's weapon? It certainly looks like it!

  • Percival the Pocket Knight

    Percival the Pocket Knight is, as his name implies, a Pocket Knight. He was made by an unknown craftsman long ago and has since shown up in various battles throughout the ages. Percival looks much like any knight, except that he is made out of tin. He also behaves much like an ordinary knight, except that he lives in a pocket. When the horns of battle call, Percival will charge out of his owners pocket, land on the ground, grow to full size and deliver fierce battle to the enemy. Percival's main diet is lint, with an occasional shot of tin polish.

    Trinket, 1/day Summon A reskinned, renamed purple dragon blade NPC that lasts a few minutes.

  • @smilingdog I love this so much oh my god

  • @smilingdog ADORABLE

    Can we also get a pocket mage version that just fires magic missiles?

  • Lyss' Embrace Staff

    Once wielded by a cultists of Mother Lyss, a powerful entity that plagued Arabel for many years. Though Lyss is gone, this relic still bears some of her dark magic.

    Darkness charges/+3 ac vs Aberrations / Curse charges etc

    Journal of the Pimp and Witch

    An old tome recovered from the library of the famed Custodians of Candlekeep when they took root in Arabel for a time. This journal recollects some of the many nefarious deeds of its members.

    Book with magical charges of stuff such as Lore etc

    Rot Mace

    Wielded by cultists of the dead god Moander, this weapon was uncovered from their deep lair when the cult ran amok in Arabel for a brief time.

    On-hit poison, disease, +3 vs ooze etc

    Eclestian Inquisitor Mail

    Powerful armor once worn by the Vice Inquisitor of the Eclestian Order himself. Or so the story goes. Regardless, it bears powerful enchantments against the very creatures the Order hunted and burned at the stake.

    AC vs outsider, shapechanger, undead, human

    Hide Armor of Su'scrofa the Mad

    Su'scrofa was a powerful wereboar warlord who ruled the Hullack for a time many years ago. His band of savages tormented the city militia for many days before finally being put down and cooked in a feast for Old Town. Apparently, beggars aren't too picky about their bacon.

    Damage Immunity and AC vs Animal/Beast/Human etc

  • Scepter of Dark Regency

    A scepter of silver and steel, set with tourmaline and enchanted with black magic, this sceptre was crafted by Shantanok, High Priest of the Black Coven. A trained Necromancer wielding this sceptre will be able to bend the power of negative energy to his will. But it comes with a cost because, while wielding the sceptre, the Necromancer will age at an accelerated rate.

    A club, the fanciest club model that can be found.

    +1 ab +1d4 negative energy damage, -2 con, infinite CL3 negative energy ray, 1/day negative energy burst CL5, 5/day ray of enfeeblement, must have SF necromancy.